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Chapter 2380: Bai Liufeng appears (4)

Cang Po Jun emphasized the later part of the sentence.

From the white robed man’s looks, it didn’t seem as though he wanted to harm Huang Yueli’s life then the most possible likelihood of such aggression towards her, apparently was because he had some evil intentions.

This kind of refined scum, was really not rare among practitioners.

But usually such people were mostly lowly hedonistic disciples whose cultivations were mediocre, and they would long have been swatted to death by one slap from Huang Yueli.

Whereas this white robed man’s cultivation was unfathomable!

He had also taken the initiative to strike out, restraining Huang Yueli so in this kind of situation, everyone couldn’t find a way to fight back momentarily.

However, the white robed man seemed as though he didn’t notice the “engagement” part which Cang Po Jun was talking about, as he only heard the first part of the sentence.

He stared at Huang Yueli for a while more when he suddenly lifted his hand to touch her face.

Huang Yueli’s eyes grew wide, thinking that she would feel very disgusted but however, when the white robed man’s hand really touched her skin, she didn’t feel unbearable but on the contrary, there was an indescribable familiar feeling of closeness…..

Originally she had already retrieved her set of sword array from her realm ring, preparing to take action but right now, she couldn’t help but voluntarily stopped…

Cang Po Jun and Liu Buyan were extremely tense as they already couldn’t take it and struck out.

“Stop it, release Junior Sister!”

The two men struck out towards the white robed man simultaneously but however, they weren’t even able to touch the corner of his sleeve when they were directly thrown back from the surrounding Profound Energy which the white robed man had unleashed, causing them to fly off.

Luckily, the white robed man didn’t use too much of his ability hence the two of them weren’t really hurt, only landing on their butts on the ground, cutting an extremely sorry state.

But at this moment, they weren’t able to care about these as they immediately got back up on their feet.

When they came near, the two of them realised that the white robed man’s action was totally different from what they had imagined.

He stretched out his hand and brushed it gently past Huang Yueli’s face, but it didn’t seem like he was taking advantage of her. Instead he used his perfectly white sleeve to clean her blood stained face which she was tainted with in the blood pool, revealing her originally gorgeous little face.

“You…..” On seeing Huang Yueli’s looks, the white robed man sucked in a breath of cold air!

He instantly asked in a low voice, “Earlier they said you’re sixteen this year? Where are you from?”

Huang Yueli was stunned and at the same time, she shuffled one step back but this time the white robed man didn’t stop her and he even put his hand down.

Huang Yueli’s gaze landed on the white robed man’s blood stained sleeve as she subconsciously replied, “I am a direct disciple from Blue Profound Sect…..”

“No, I’m not asking about this!” White robed man interrupted her, “What I meant is… before you joined Blue Profound Sect, which kingdom did you come from? Who are your parents?”

Huang Yueli blinked and suddenly as though she seemed to have understood something, she stretched out her hand to lift the white robed man’s hood!

An eminent and kindly face was revealed under the sunlight.

Huang Yueli met with that pair of extremely similar eyes and her heart stirred with excitement.

She took a deep breath and after calming herself down, she answered, “I am called Bai Ruoli and I am from South Yue Kingdom located in the Southern Sky Continent. My father is Marquis Valiant Martial Bai Liufeng but when I was very young, he had already gone missing…..”

Before she could even finish her words, she was hugged by the white robed man.

He hugged her very tightly and moreover, his body was trembling non-stop.

“You… you’re indeed Li’er…. Li’er, I’m your father!”