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Chapter 2381: Bai Liufeng appears (5)

Actually when Huang Yueli saw the white robed man’s looks as well as his agitated reaction, she already had a premonition in her heart.

But when she heard the white robed man personally announcing his identity, she was feeling so restless in her heart that she could not express herself!

It was only when she reached sixteen before she awoke her past life’s memories and before that, Bai Ruoli had always been existing as Third Miss of Valiant Martial Manor!

No matter where she walked to, everyone would not stop mentioning Bai Liufeng’s name, telling her many times just what an incredible father she had!

When she was an infant, she had always been pampered by her father.

That small sized soft little bun in her memory was always dressed sweetly and adorably, following behind Bai Liufeng’s back. Whereas Bai Liufeng as her father pampered her exceptionally, which could be described as afraid of her falling when in his hands, or afraid of her melting in the mouth, and he would always give in to whatever she asked for.

Only except, occasionally in the deep night, Bai Liufeng would delve into deep silence when he was facing that little face which strongly resembled her mother.

Alas, ever since Bai Liufeng disappeared in order to trace her mother’s whereabouts, this beautiful memory came to a full stop.

Bai Liufeng’s memory in her mind layered perfectly with the white robed man in front of her.

For a practitioner who broke through the ninth stage realm, their looks would not undergo any changes in the hundreds of years when they lived.

Bai Liufeng’s current looks, as compared to when he first left South Yue Kingdom, did not have much difference and one could tell that after he left not too long later, he had already broken through to the ninth stage realm.

Huang Yueli thought that she didn’t have any expectations towards kinship.

But when she was hugged tightly by Bai Liufeng, in that moment, her eyes grew sour and she actually almost cried out, and that made her deeply felt that her entire heart was twitching in pain.

Moreover, in this period of time, because Li Moying’s illness was getting more and more serious, the strings in her inner heart were so taut that it was almost on the verge of breaking.

Especially when she was in the Blood Moon Great Array, she was actually very tense, almost to the point of desperation, but only she herself knew that she could not relax, and could not fall! Because Li Moying was still lying behind her!

Under this kind of critical predicament, Bai Liufeng suddenly appeared, saving her life…

Exactly like what she had imagined her father to be…..

Huang Yueli seemed to have loosened up a little as her eyes were all red and she furiously blinked before she held back her tears.

Bai Liufeng patted her back as his voice quivered, seemingly as though he was about to cry, “You’re really Li’er, my little girl Li’er! Father misses you so much!”

The father and daughter hugged each other and that scene was extremely touching.

The trio Liu Buyan, Cang Po Jun and Cang Po Hun were totally dazed by this.

This shocking news proved to be too powerful and it was simply too great, rendering them to be in a daze and they were unable to recover their senses for at least half a day.

After a long, long time, Liu Buyan finally found back his voice, “What the… I say just who is this incredible person, so…. he’s Junior Sister’s father! But wasn’t it said that he had already gone missing for ten over years? Why did he suddenly appear in a place like Northern Ice Fields?”

Cang Po Hun was totally concerned about another question, “Heavens, Sovereign’s father-in-law is so awesome and now Sovereign is so sickly. Will he not be willing to marry his daughter to him?”