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Chapter 2339: Crisis! Identity exposed! (5)

“Oh, what is it?” Lord Zhan asked.

Huang Yueli said, “Since you’re the mastermind behind Grandmaster Huang being harmed that year, then you should be very clear that she had self-exploded in Lone Sky Summit and according to those urban legends, her soul and spirit had already been dispersed! Under this kind of situation, it is totally impossible for her to reincarnate! Then how can I possibly be her?”

Lord Zhan nodded his head as he pondered, “What you say…. seems logical…”

“It’s not seems, but indeed very logical! Grandmaster Huang’s soul had already been dispersed and you still suspect that she has reincarnated? I can only say that you’re thinking too much!” Huang Yueli spoke out unwaveringly, as she shook her head, as though she was filled with helplessness inside her heart.

Lord Zhan took a look at her and burst out laughing, “Indeed that crafty and black-bellied Palace Lord Huang of yesteryear, putting on such a serious pretence! If it wasn’t for the fact that I know how you reincarnated, I will probably be deceived by you as well!”

“That’s right, in Soaring Heavens Continent, there indeed isn’t any dispersed soul who can re-enter the wheel of reincarnation but in God Realm, someone had done it successfully. From what I know, there is a secret method that was left from the ancient times, which could call back the dispersed soul…”

“Of course, the conditions to perform this kind of secret method is very harsh and there isn’t one who could attain success in ten thousand people. Moreover, the executor of this must pay an extremely painful price! This Seat had not expected Sovereign Mu to be so devoted towards Huang Yueli and actually so daring to defy heaven! Nor did I expect that you guys to actually succeed…”

As Lord Zhan talked, his tone became more and more sombre, “Speaking of this, This Seat originally hadn’t really admired anyone but for Sovereign My to do this sort of thing, This Seat has no other way than to be convinced!”

Huang Yueli blinked as the more she heard, the stranger she found and until the very end, she could no longer stand it as she asked.

“Secret method? What secret method? What secret method is there which enables a dispersed soul to actually reincarnate? What price must the executor of the secret method pay?”

These few questions had actually troubled her for the longest time.

She had asked Li Moying multiple times and also tried to worm the facts out from Cang Po Jun and the others but their lips were too tight and no one was willing to tell her!

Whereas now, this Lord Zhan in front of them not only knew the incident about her reincarnation, he even knew what kind of secret method they used!

When Lord Zhan heard that, he was stunned, “What? You don’t know?”

Huang Yueli just wanted to answer when Li Moying butted in, “I’ve not expected Lord Zhan to actually know about this! Then there’s no point for us to keep hiding this. What you guessed is indeed correct. I used the secret method in my past life to summon Li’er’s soul so that she was able to reincarnate successfully. This lifetime… our identities should be totally secretive but I wonder where did you find it out from?”

Lord Zhan laughed and said, “Wasn’t it much better if you had admitted right from the start? Why bother wasting so much of This Seat’s time! I’ll tell you the truth, in Soaring Heavens Continent, there is an ancient record called the <> and on it records many God Realm’s secrets and there are a few pages which recorded this secret method. Sovereign Mu found out about the utilisation of this secret method, I believe you must have read the <> as well?”

Li Moying shook his head and said, “What I obtained was a few remnant pages and didn’t know that it came from <>.”