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Chapter 2329: Everlasting regret (2)

Meng Wan’er had not thought that just as they were just about to reach their destination and she could submit her task smoothly but in the end, Huang Yueli actually ran off!

What was she to do? She still hadn’t seen this wretched lass die in front of her eyes!

Meng Wan’er was feeling flurried as she hastily chased out after them.

“Young Miss Bai, Young Master Li, wait! Don’t go running about recklessly! There are mechanisms everywhere here and if you step on something, we would be totally finished!”

Meng Wan’er followed the corridor as she chased after them but Huang Yueli and Li Moying’s speed was extremely fast and she chased all the way to the end of the corridor before she managed to catch up to them.

Huang Yueli leaned in Li Moying’s arms, disappointed, as her senses were flustered.

Whereas Li Moying was holding on to the young lady in his arms, pacifying her in a mellow voice but his brows were locked tightly together.

“Young…. Young Master Li, you… you guys… what’s the matter?” By the time Meng Wan’er caught up to them, she was also out of breath while panting heavily.

Li Moying didn’t say a thing, but Huang Yueli replied, “We don’t know what happened as well! Earlier, we heard Senior Brother’s cry for help and the two guardians chased over first. Moying and I are slightly slower but by the time we reached this place, we discovered that the entire corridor was totally empty! The three of them has gone missing!”

“What?? There’s such a thing??” Meng Wan’er’s eyes widened.

Even she had not thought that there would be such an accidental turn of events!

She originally thought that she had followed the ghost masked man’s simplified map and as long as she went according to the route on the map, she would be able to send all of them to ghost masked man!

But now, the truth was not so. The three living people earlier had actually vanished without a trace??

How was this possible? Could it be that Huang Yueli and the rest had seen through her scheme, so they intentionally put up this show?

Meng Wan’er was originally feeling guilty and from this abnormal turn of events, her heart was disoriented, and it took her a great deal of effort to maintain her composure.

She looked at Huang Yueli’s face as she probed, “Young Miss Bai, this matter… what do you think about it? Are you certain you didn’t see it wrongly? Divine Doctor Liu trio are all ninth stage realm peak practitioners! How is it possible for them to suddenly disappear in such a short duration of time?”

However, Huang Yueli had a dazed expression on her face, as thought she had suffered a huge blow.

“That’s right, how did they suddenly disappear? This is simply impossible! But you also saw that we came running from that large hall and there’s only this one path, this is the same path so they couldn’t have ran to any other places! At the other end of the corridor is the door and after we left from there, it had already closed up. The mechanisms here, even for me, takes a great amount of effort to activate, what more for the three of them who aren’t Armament Masters? They totally don’t have the ability to run back on the return path to open that door?”

Huang Yueli’s analysis was logical and reasonable.

Moreover, Meng Wan’er followed them all the way here and she was certain that she hadn’t seen Liu Buyan or the others figures.

In this way, the matter was indeed extremely strange and also extremely scary.

Meng Wan’er broke out into sweat, “This…. How would such a thing happen? Three ninth stage Realm peak practitioners, just… gone just like that?”

The empty abandoned underground palace, in a dim and quiet corridor.

Thinking of this right now, made one had the chills running all over their bodies.