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Chapter 2330: Everlasting regret (3)

Hearing this, Huang Yueli was evidently not happy, “What’s called gone! This word is simply too inauspicious! Senior Brother they… something couldn’t have possibly happened to them, it must be… must be just an accident! Right, just an accident! The three of them are top exponents who can face anything on their own, how would something happen to them so easily?”

Li Moying’s arm tightened as he held her slender waist, attempting to comfort her.

“Li’er, don’t worry, I believe they won’t die so easily. The biggest possibility should be…. They probably triggered some mechanism and have been obstructed to some other place. This underground palace is set up with various mechanisms and Liu Buyan that fellow had always had an itchy-hand so perhaps he might have touched something that he shouldn’t have.”

Li Moying’s brows creased slightly, as he raised the most logical guess.

As long as the one who got into an incident was not Huang Yueli, he would always be able to maintain an excellent rate of clear and calm thinking.

Hearing him say that, Huang Yueli also started to calm down as she started to think of other possibilities.

“If you put it in this way… indeed the greatest possibility is that they’ve triggered some mechanism! Let me have a check and see what we missed out.”

Saying that, Huang Yueli got up and walked towards the seventh hall’s door.

Earlier, they came out from this place and soon after, Liu Buyan disappeared.

The most probable situation naturally was that they met with some incidental change and returned to the seventh hall.

Huang Yueli took a look at Meng Wan’er, indicating for her to open up the door.

Meng Wan’er immediately had a change of expression, “This… Young Miss Bai, it’s not that I’m not willing to help you open the door but… I really only know how to open the door from the other end! Now that you want me to open from this end, this.. I am really not confident…”

Even though theoretically speaking, opening the door from the other side shouldn’t be too much of a difference.

But Meng Wan’er herself wasn’t an Armament Master and she was very timid. If it wasn’t for the map that ghost masked man gave, she would not dare to touch these ancient mechanisms on her own.

Heavens knew that if some mistake happened, what sort of ending would she end up in?

Anyway, Liu Buyan and Cang Po Jun and the others weren’t related to her, so why should she take the risk to open the door just to save them?

Meng Wan’er having this sort of reaction was something that Huang Yueli wasn’t surprised about, because she originally didn’t have any hope for this woman to be able to help them anyway.

So, without saying another word, she walked over herself and put on her silver thread gloves as she started touching the sides and a moment later, she managed to decode the mechanism.

It just took an entire ten over breaths and she had succeeded in breaking open the door.

Meng Wan’er was totally stunned as she walked by the side because for her to precisely activate the door based on the indications on the map, it took her a total of twenty over breaths! Huang Yueli was actually much faster than her!

But before Meng Wan’er had regained her senses, Huang Yueli and Li Moying had already re-entered the seventh hall.

The two of them surveyed the entire room once and immediately found that the huge hall was totally empty, but where were Liu Buyan and the other’s figures?

“What’s this situation?” The two of them looked at each other in dismay, “Senior Brother and the rest really aren’t here?”

“This isn’t strange right? Liu Buyan and the rest couldn’t possibly open that door! They probably should have triggered some other mechanism!”

Huang Yueli frowned, “Other mechanisms? But along the way here, I didn’t seem to have seen any other mechanism along the corridor?”