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Chapter 2326: All the advantages have been taken by her (7)

Huang Yueli smiled when she heard that, “You’re just too anxious, haven’t you thought about who I am? In Soaring Heavens Continent, are there any flames that can injure me?”

As she said that, her right hand raised up and a ball of deviant flame bearing black qi started burning in her palm.

Everyone’s eyes opened wide as they stared at the ball of deviant flame, their jaws almost dropping onto the ground.

“This… what’s this??” Cang Po Hun was totally dumbstruck.

Liu Buyan apparently was more knowledgeable as he took a look for some time and revealed an astonished expression, “This… could it be that this deviant flame is ranked second on the deviant flame chart…. The Remote Transient Secret Fire?”

Huang Yueli drew back the flame in her palm and beamed, “Indeed, my Senior Brother knows all the valuable stuff! That’s right, this is the Remote Transient Secret Fire. Earlier when I went into the secret room, I accidentally triggered the mechanism’s Remote Transient Secret Fire hence I didn’t detect it initially so I fell right in. But it was still alright, it can be said that I have earned a fortune from the misfortune.”

“When I was in the large hall, I could sense that behind that door, there was an exceptionally strong fire-attributed energy hence I thought of going to take a look and in the end, I managed to subdue this little fellow.”

Liu Buyan looked at the deviant flame in her hand as he was both shocked and envious.

“Junior Sister, your luck is really good! You actually managed to find the Remote Transient Secret Fire! This kind of deviant flame’s attribute is very special and no matter if you’re using it to refine pills or armaments, there will be unexpected benefits! I searched for a long time and hadn’t been able to find a spark but you’re so lucky, just casually falling and you managed to find one?”

Huang Yueli waved her hand disapprovingly, “I’m lucky, no choice.”

That tone was filled with total smugness.

Li Moying lowered his head and looked at her revealing her little tiger fangs as she gave a crafty smile and his heart felt tenderness.

Huang Yueli opened her mouth again, “Senior Brother, since you like this so much, I can split half of the Remote Transient Secret Fire and give the other half to you.”

Liu Buyan didn’t thought that she would be that generous and joy instantly filled his brows, “Really?”

Li Moying however gave a low harrumph, as he got slightly jealous and his gaze brushed coldly across Liu Buyan’s body but in the end, he didn’t say anything much.

Huang Yueli gave a faint smile and replied earnestly, “Of course it’s true! Helping Moying to treat his illness has wasted a lot of Senior Brother’s effort and I have nothing to repay both you and Master. I only have a few deviant flames on me and also some ancient prescriptions that I’ve collected in the past so in future I’ll find those out and pass it for the both of you.”

Liu Buyan went into a daze and immediately following that he shook his head, “Junior sister, you’re too polite…. We’re one family so what’s there to say thanks for?”

The patient’s family members were this understanding and knowing that they must automatically pay a huge amount of medical bills was originally something that Liu Buyan was most happy about.

But when these words came out from Huang Yueli’s mouth, it made him rather disappointed.

In the end, this young lass was so generous not because of how good he, her Senior Brother was, but because she felt grateful to him for saving Li Moying…

No matter when, in her heart, the most important person was always Li Moying…

In comparison, Li Moying’s feelings were much better as the earlier melancholy were all gone with the wind, and he stretched out his hand to hold Huang Yueli’s little hand gently.

Although his face was still filled a distant expression, but on careful look, that pair of peach blossomed eyes were radiating with a warm and gentle smiling intent.

When Liu Buyan saw that, he gave a dry laugh, “Alright, why are you giving such a disgusted smile for nothing? We’re still trapped in this underground palace! Is there a hurry for you to show off your love?”