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Chapter 2325: All the advantages have been taken by her (6)

Li Moying shot up like an arrow as he pulled her over from the door and it was until they moved quite a distance away before he hugged her tightly in his arms.

“Li’er, you’re fine. You’re really fine!”

Huang Yueli could feel his body trembling slightly as she silently sighed.

Ever since she self-exploded in her past life, this man had suffered a very serious psychological disorder and as long as she met with a teeny weeny bit of danger inciting an accident, it would turn him into a frenzy as he instantly lost his bearing!

Huang Yueli stretched out her hand as she touched Li Moying’s stiff handsome countenance, “I’m fine, earlier a little accident happened.”

Seeing that Li Moying still hugging her tightly as he refused to budge, she tipped her toes and kissed his tightly pursed lips, “I’m sorry to have scared you…”

Li Moying suddenly grabbed her right hand and raised it in front of himself as his expression turned uglier, “Still say that you aren’t hurt?? What’s this? Your finger is already bleeding! Are you hurt anywhere else?”

Huang Yueli was stunned as she just recalled that earlier when she opened the lock, she cut a slit to let her blood flow.

The wound wasn’t very big but she had indeed used a lot of strength to squeeze the blood out and moreover she hadn’t cleaned it properly yet.

Li Moying’s expression turned darker and darker as Huang Yueli immediately explained, “It’s nothing, really it’s nothing! This wound is cut by myself because earlier when I entered the room, I discovered a very big room at the back and there are plenty of treasures there so I got excited and cut my finger.”

In order to ease the atmosphere, Huang Yueli hurriedly switched topics, “That’s right, earlier I found a number of awesome stuff inside! Moying, let me go for a while and I’ll show you!”

She pushed Li Moying’s chest and felt the man slightly loosening as she immediately took a step back and walked out.

“I found plenty of great stuff!” She searched in her realm ring for a while and took out a pill bottles of medicinal pills and also some ancient records which were all found from the wooden cabinet that she was ransacking earlier.

“Look at this ancient cultivation method. Oh? It’s thunder attributed! Moying, this is for you, perhaps it might be a god grade cultivation method!”

“This ninth levelled pill, I wonder what is it used for? Senior Brother, help me take a look?”

“Ha ha, and there’s this eighth levelled medicinal herb, didn’t Master say that he checked many places but wasn’t able to find it? Bring it back to him, he’d definitely be elated!”

Huang Yueli hurriedly ran back to gather with everyone in haste hence she didn’t check in detail on what she had got in the room earlier.

Now that she brought out everything to do a count, she realised that every single one of it was all valuable and practical treasures so her heart filled with joy instantly.

Earlier she intentionally put on a joyful look just because she wanted to help Li Moying have a change of emotions but now, she was truly joyous.

Looking at her, Li Moying’s expression finally eased and he also realised that he had acted too abnormal hence his body slowly relaxed.

Huang Yueli stretched out her hand and tugged his sleeve as she swayed, “Moying, come over and have a look!”

After her disturbance, Li Moying’s stuffed up anger at his chest area had vanished by a large half but he still refused to let go of it easily as he pinched her cheeks hard while blustering, “Not allowed to run about recklessly in future!”

“Alright…” Huang Yueli obediently lowered her head to admit her mistake.

“And,” Li Moying took a look at her in the eye, “Earlier are you really alright? I obviously saw you being enveloped entirely by a ball of fire!”