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Chapter 2327: All the advantages have been taken by her (8)

“We were not…” Huang Yueli felt a little embarrassed as she explained weakly.

Alas, even she herself felt that her explanation didn’t seem trustworthy….

Huang Yueli turned back and glanced at the man beside her.

With her by his side, Li Moying’s mood seemed to have resumed back to its usual peacefulness, and had once again turned back into that usual aloof and heartless Young Sect Master Li.

Li Moying swept an eye across everyone present, “Since it’s all fine now, then let’s continue on our way. The sooner we leave this place the better!”

The crowd didn’t have much objections but they all shot their gazes towards Meng Wan’er who stood in the corner of the wall.

Meng Wan’er had almost just got killed by Li Moying and luckily Huang Yueli appeared just in time. As no one could be bothered about her, so she naturally wasn’t in any life or death situation.

Meng Wan’er managed to save her skin and initially she was feeling rather fortunate, feeling that Huang Yueli’s return was not too bad at all.

But immediately following that, when she saw Huang Yueli and Li Moying hugging together so intimately, whereas towards her, he showed such a murderous air. This man didn’t show any tenderness towards women yet he was able to be so gentle towards Huang Yueli and he pampered her so much.

This huge different was like a sharp blade, stabbing Meng Wan’er so much that her heart was twitching in pain.

What made her even more melancholic was that not too long later, Huang Yueli actually started taking the items out from her interspatial ring, and every single thing she retrieved out were all priceless rare treasures!

Whatever ninth levelled medicinal pills, ninth levelled ingredients, ancient manuscripts…..

Which one of it weren’t good stuff which were bought with money?

Even for their Ice Serpent Valley which had undergone inheritance for tens of thousands of years, but these grades of treasures which were preserved in the valley were not many at all!

Why was it that all the advantages had all been taken by her!

When Meng Wan’er saw all these, she was originally so envious that she could throw up blood but whoever knew that the next scene actually made her sceptical of her life!

Because Huang Yueli had actually easily subdued the second ranked Remote Transient Secret Fire on the deviant flame chart!

This kind of matter, how could it possibly happen?

Remote Transient Secret Fire, that was a dark attribute secret fire and not only was it rare, moreover it was extremely, extremely dangerous!

In actual fact, the top ten deviant flames on the deviant flame chart were extremely hard to maneuver and one would need at least a eighth grade and above fire attribute innate talent before they were able to subdue it successfully. Moreover, in the entire subduing process, it would be like an intense battle so to practitioners, they must undergo test with a narrow escape and lastly, there was the possibility of having a failure rate of more than fifty percent!

But this wretched lass had just spent just less than one hour in the room behind that door, to subdue such a dangerous deviant flame??

How was this possible? It’s a lie, right?

Did she think that she was a god grade genius? She dared to even talked big about this!

Meng Wan’er wanted to add some words of ridicule but when she recalled Li Moying’s earlier murderous gaze, she shivered and didn’t dare to make a single sound.

She had not expected Huang Yueli and the others to shift their gazes onto her again after their discussion and that meant that they were obviously wanting her to continue leading the way!

“Young Miss Meng, what happened? Why must you sit on the floor? Are you not feeling well?” Huang Yueli smiled as she asked.

“You… what does it have to do with you, I like to sit here!”

The minute Meng Wan’er saw Huang Yueli’s exceptionally gorgeous face, she was so envious that she was about to go insane!

She had a pretty face, had great innate talent with powerful ability and also an extremely powerful fiancé…. Her luck was simply so heaven defying!

Weren’t the Heavens fair?

“Since there’s nothing wrong, then we’d have to trouble Young Miss Meng to get up quickly.”