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Chapter 2298: Still want your face? (4)

Speaking till here, Huang Yueli paused, “But Moying and I really don’t need you to serve us and we never bring along any maids when we leave the house! As the eldest disciple of Ice Serpent Valley, surely you don’t need to kneel down to anyone so easily right? If your Master were to find out, where would her face be placed?”

Huang Yueli finished her words without any restrain as she pulled Li Moying along and turned around to leave.

If she continued staying here, she would probably throw up in disgust by Meng Wan’er!

“Moying, there’s still some wolf meat left over from yesterday and I’ve specially left the best ribs for you, I’ll roast some for you to eat!” She pulled Li Moying and realised that she couldn’t pull him away as she hastily threw out a bait.

Li Moying sensed her little fiancée pulling his arm and that familiar sweet smell closing nearby which made his face eased a little as he nodded, “Alright then.”

Meng Wan’er looked at their two departing figures blankly as the jealousy flame in her heart was totally unable to be extinguished!

Li Moying’s eyes, from the start till the end, was only filled with his little fiancée. He wasn’t even willing to turn his head back to take a look at her at all!

Why? She had already bowed and bent her knee to such a step, just short of directly stripping off all her clothes and climbing onto Li Moying’s bed!

She was also a beauty with gorgeous looks, her innate talent was also outstanding and she was devoted to Li Moying, even telling them that she was willing to be a maid to serve him!

But Li Moying still remained unmoved!

Was that wretched lass Bai Ruoli really that good? Could it be that, she really needed to turn that lass into a dead person before she, Meng Wan’er, could have a chance?

Meng Wan’er’s eyes flashed past an icy cold murderous intent once again.

Huang Yueli and the others all started on their journey once again.

After the first day of thrilling events, everyone turned even more cautious and had been carefully observing the surrounding situation along the way.

So the following three days of journey went on smoothly, with practically no accidents happening at all.

On the fifth day, this group of theirs had already penetrated deep into the centre of the Northern Ice Field’s freezing zone and gazing afar, they were able to see the entire state of Lone Sky Summit.

Huang Yueli put her hand around Li Moying’s arm as she tipped her toes, gazing towards the direction of Lone Sky Summit as her mind flashed past many complicated thoughts.

In her past life, she was at the foot of Lone Sky Summit and met with a group assault combined from those from the Six Sacred Lands. She wasn’t their match hence she could only choose to self-explode helplessly.

That year’s vestige had long been covered by the years of ice and snow.

Huang Yueli gave a sigh and Li Moying heard it, as he held her hand and squeezed it, “Li’er, what are you thinking about?”

Huang Yueli shook her head, “Nothing…”

Li Moying’s footsteps took a halt as he turned around and his large palm locked onto her shoulder tightly bringing her into an embrace, “No matter what you’re worried about, you must remember that this time, the both of us are together!”

Huang Yueli went into a momentarily blank but after hearing his words clearly, a sweet smile appeared on her face as she nodded her head hard.

“Mn, what you said is right, we…. are together!”