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Chapter 2299: Still want your face? (5)

As long as this man was by her side, no matter what they were about to face or how difficult the situation was, she would not feel afraid.

After all, the worse result was just to die together with Li Moying in this place.

In her past life, when she self-exploded in this place back then, she made a wish and that was if she had another life, she would share a common life and death with Li Moying! If she really died here, then she didn’t have much regrets.

Moreover, she somehow had a premonition that her rebirth wasn’t by chance.

Her meeting with Li Moying wasn’t an occurrence as well and everything couldn’t just end here so simply.

The two of them exchanged glances for quite a while and saw from each other’s eyes, the gentle sentiments that they hoped for the most.

Unknowingly, they got closer and closer…

Just as their lips were just less than one inch apart, Liu Buyan’s cries were suddenly heard from a distance away.

“Hey, what are you two doing? Already told you many times, follow the group tightly! Don’t drop off the group!”

Huang Yueli’s body turned stiff instantly as she pushed Li Moying’s chest, “Alright, we…. we’d better hurry and chase up to them!”

Li Moying had a vexed expression as he was pushed by Huang Yueli several times but his body still remained erect like a mountain as it didn’t even sway.

Huang Yueli urges, “Be a little faster, we’re almost about to reach Lone Sky Summit and this is the most crucial moment! Don’t you think that’s nonsense!”

“What have I been thinking of?” Li Moying put on an innocent look, “Li’er, your thoughts are not pure but you’re trying to push it onto me?”

“I…” Huang Yueli’s eyes opened wide as her little mouth turned into an O shape, thoroughly defeated by his shamelessness.

Li Moying looked at her adorable dazed look as he couldn’t help but lift his lips and lower his head to leave a light peck on her lips.

“We’ll just owe those things that you want me to do for later! After we get the Bipolar Black Orchid and successfully treat my Soul Detachment Illness, I’ll then return it to you bit by bit!”

Saying that, he held up Huang Yueli’s hands once again as he held her to chase up to the group.

Huang Yueli had almost been spun dizzily by him as she gave him an angry stare.

This man… how could he just hit a target just like this? He was obviously the one who wanted to do bad stuff but he had to push it onto her! Simply too sinister and sly!

At the foot of Lone Sky Summit, the others had all stopped and were just waiting for the both of them.

On seeing the both of them returning, Cang Po Jun and the others all revealed an understanding smile.

But Meng Wan’er’s sight landed onto Huang Yueli and Li Moying’s held hands as her feelings started wavering once again.

These few days after spending days and nights together, she was able to see Li Moying every day. Meng Wan’er finally knew what was known as a man who pampered his wife as though she was his life!

Seeing Li Moying showing Huang Yueli such meticulous care every day, besides feeling jealous, Meng Wan’er was even more resolute in her conviction to get this man!

Luckily, these kinds of days were about to end and very soon… this slut Bai Ruoli would become a dead woman!

Meng Wan’er’s lips curled up as she couldn’t help but laughed coldly silently.

She took a few steps forward and urged, “Everyone hurry on and chase up, we’re about to reach our destination soon! Lone Sky Summit is a very important spiritual artery in the ancient times and now it had already been damaged by a large half. But there are many other early historical remains around so if you’re not careful, it is possible to be hit by it.”

Hearing this, everyone all started to take quick steps up.

Liu Buyan rubbed his chin as he kept on gazing around.