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Chapter 2290: Quickly kill them all and let’s eat (2)

The others were all speechless as they all started drawing out their Profound Weapons as they charged towards their designated positions!

Li Moying’s wrist flipped and the Amethyst Light Sword abruptly appeared in his hand!

This sword was exactly the one before he recovered his past life’s memories while on experience learning with Huang Yueli in the Dark Moon Forest, which was also an impenetrable half god relic.

He held onto the long sword but his feet didn’t move whilst his sword tail weaved in and out and he had already stuck a Snowfield Great Wolf nearest to him!

This Great Wolf’s chest was inflicted with a heavy blow as it howled towards the sky in fury, as it charged towards Li Moying!

However, it was only halfway through its run when suddenly, it seemed as though it was frozen and its entire body swayed towards the right side and fell head onto the snowy grounds, turning into a corpse.

When the Great Wolf’s companions saw this, their murderous intent and violent nature were instantly spiked.

Several heads of Snowfield Great Wolf howled out simultaneously as they lined up and charged towards Li Moying’s side!

Li Moying was worried that the Profound Skill that he would unleash might impact Huang Yueli hence his feet shuffled and moved towards the side.

When the Great Wolves saw him evading, they thought that he was afraid and that increased their murderous intent, insistent on pounding up to bite him to death in one mouth and tear him into shreds after!

Li Moying extended his body movements and Profound Skill, bringing them towards the East side.

Meng Wan’er was standing very close to Huang Yueli and she had been shaking in fear all the while.

Huang Yueli couldn’t be bothered about her as she ran to the first head of Snowfield Great Wolf’s corpse that Li Moying killed earlier and squatted down to take a detailed look.

She found no visible wounds on this Great Wolf and its body still maintained the running pose which was flowing with an artistic feel.

“Not bad, not bad! Indeed the works of my Moying! Really much more reliable than Guardian Jun! Later when we strip the skin off, it can be made into a rug when we bring it back to Sky Emperor City…”

Meng Wan’er was listening by the side as she couldn’t help but sneered,” Make into a rug! You’d better be able to leave the Northern Ice Fields alive first before you talk! Otherwise, next year’s today will be your death anniversary!”

Huang Yueli turned her head sideways to cast her a glance and she was just about to speak when suddenly, her eyes opened wide and shouted, “Meng Wan’er, quickly move aside!”

The latter was still sneering and didn’t manage to recollect her senses yet.

Huang Yueli’s right hand hit out a hand gesture and a burst of Profound Energy had hit Meng Wan’er heavily on her chest, causing her to fly out!

“Damn you! Bai Ruoli, what are you trying to do??”

Meng Wan’er fell onto the ground and the icy surface was very slippery and she rolled out a far distance away before she stopped. By then she felt her internal organs all rumbling together as she almost threw up.

She turned her head back and on one look, her expression changed abruptly!

It was only now that she realised that two Snowfield Great Wolves had pounced towards the position which she stood at earlier!

Just earlier, she actually was still in a daze as she didn’t even realise that!

If it wasn’t for Huang Yueli who had suddenly struck out to send her flying, she would probably have ended zp being ripped into two halves by those Snowfield Great Wolves alive!

Whereas at this point, the Snowfield Great Wolves which didn’t manage to bite Meng Wan’er all diverted their attention to Huang Yueli who was next to them. They lowered their bodies and gave off an “awrr awrr” growling sound as their greenish eyes looked at that delicate body of Huang Yueli’s while salivating.

Meng Wan’er had lingering fears, feeling extremely fortunate as she patted her chest.

But her first reaction was to turn back to help Huang Yueli, but to look left and right then after discovering that there were no Snowfield Great Wolves eyeing her, she immediately turned around and ran away!