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Chapter 2289: Quickly kill them all and let’s eat (1)

Just as Meng Wan’er was silently scheming, around thirty over Snowfield Great Wolves had already gathered behind the ice mountains.

They probably felt that their numbers were enough and also possibly because they had done enough surveillance hence they slowly walked out from the ice mountain and surrounded the group in the middle, as they slowly pressed in closer.

When Meng Wan’er sensed the Snowfield Great Wolf’s eerie cold gaze sweeping past her, she was so scared that her legs turned into jelly.

Huang Yueli looked at her pale face from her peripheral view and burst out into a giggle.

Wasn’t she very arrogant earlier? Didn’t she say that she was the freezing zone’s expert? Why was it when she really met with danger, she became as timid as a mouse and was totally helpless?

She didn’t bother about Meng Wan’er as she turned her head to look at the other people.

Cang Po Jun and the others were totally not tensed at all, with their normal expression hanging on their faces.

As a ninth stage realm peak practitioner, which one of them had not experienced numerous battles and experienced multiple times of life and death perilous situations?

Like the current situation, it could only be said to be as ordinary as it could be.

These Snowfield Great Wolves abilities weren’t worth mentioning at all, only having a slightly greater number in terms of numbers. But to them, it shouldn’t be too difficult to deal with.

Li Moying’s left hand was placed on his right hand’s wrist as his finger caressed the Claret Crystal Bracelet which Huang Yueli had worn for him. His pitch dark eyes swept past the surrounding Snowfield Great Wolves which were pressing nearer as his voice was cold but calm.

“Po Jun is in charge of the northern side, Po Hun, South side, surnamed Liu, you’re responsible for West side and East will belong to me. Li’er you have hide properly and if you meet with danger, call me for backup, do you hear me?”

Li Moying made the necessary arrangements and looked towards his little fiancee by his side, as he was still unassured.

Huang Yueli giggled as she replied indifferently, “You don’t need to worry about me, would I be afraid of these few dumb wolves? If any senseless and blind ones dare to offend me, I’ll show them This Young Lady’s prowess!”

Saying that, she seemed to have recalled something, “Ah, right! Later please be a little more careful when you kill those wolves! Try not to leave an obvious scar on their bodies because these Snowfield Great Wolves’ skins are worth a fortune! Like Guardian Jun’s method earlier is really too vulgar, too barbaric and it’s simply a waste of a heavenly treasure!”

Meng Wan’er shrunk herself at the very back and listening to Huang Yueli’s words, she was sneering coldly.

This wretched lass must be insane!

These were Snowfield Great Wolves and just one alone was a seventh tiered magical beast which was equivalent to an eighth stage realm practitioner’s battle power!

She was merely a seventh stage realm practitioner so where did she have the confidence to be able to deflect a Snowfield Great Wolf’s attack?

Moreover, the Snowfield Great Wolf was an extremely intelligent magical beast and under the leading wolf’s command, they were able to strategize a comprehensive group attack with extremely powerful battle power. Although Li Moying and the rest were all nith stage realm top exponents, but facing so many Snowfield Great Wolves, they could only find themselves escaping for their lives!

This wretched lass actually asked them to be more careful when they were killing the wolves, and not to spoil their fur?

Hur hur, it might be easy to go easy a little but if Li Moying and the others were to show mercy towards these Great Wolves, they would then claim their lives! Perhaps they might just all die here!

Meng Wan’er’s heart turned anxious as she was even more convinced in her idea to escape quickly later.

Li Moyng didn’t have much expression on his face as he only nodded and said, “Everyone heard what Li’er said?

Liu Buyan burst out with a laugh, “So naggy, my ears are not deaf! Alright, let’s hurry up and stop delaying time, I’ve been famished for the entire day! Quickly kill them all and let’s eat!”