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Chapter 2269: Restoring an ancient mechanism (5)

But in her mouth, it actually turned out to be replenishing Profound Energy for her.

Moreover, this excuse was really great because Meng Hongye totally didn’t suspect anything at all.

Following this, Huang Yueli said a few more things which they should take note and immediately following that, she took out the materials which she had prepared earlier and started to set up the spirit gathering array around the surroundings.

Very soon, the array’s embryonic form was shown right in front of everyone.

This time, she set up a seventh tiered array and this was already an extremely high levelled array in Soaring Heavens Continent.

Although it was just a pretence to deceive Meng Hongye, but if the scope of the addition of Profound Energy was too low, the risk of her plan failing would increase.

Huang Yueli had always been a prudent person so naturally it was not possible for her to skimp on the materials for such fine details.

Meng Hongye could tell that Huang Yueli’s spirit gathering array was of a high grade and besides being blown away by her admiration for her, confidence in the latter also increased.

After Huang Yueli set up the array, her right hand struck out a burst of Profound Energy and following that, she continuously changed with seven to eight hand gestures.

The array pattern which she had earlier drew out all started to light up one after another and very soon, an airflow hurricane was born in the room.

Everyone who stood in the room could distinctly sense the Heaven and Earth Profound Qi around the ice mountain all gathering towards the axle at an unimaginable speed.

Huang Yueli stood on the eye of the array and opened her mouth, “Alright, will everyone please stand on the positions that I said earlier. I’ll count down from three so please start to inject your Profound Energy into the array.”




Four ninth stage realm peak top exponents were all well-coordinated and under Huang Yueli’s commands, they worked up the Profound Energy within them and injected it into the array.

Under Huang Yueli’s control, the spirit gathering array started to display it’s effect and in combination with the surrounding Heaven and Earth Profound Qi which had gathered, it charged ferociously towards the energy storage array on the ancient mechanism at a speed which was faster by ten over times than usual!

Huang Yueli kept on changing her hand gestures, as she kept on adjusting the speed of the energy replenishment, and at the same time added some bewildering actions, pretending that she was restoring the various problems on the ancient mechanism.

Whereas for the four ninth stage realm peak practitioners in the array, they all exhausted their best to coordinate with her.

Meng Hongye had the weakest cultivation among the four of them hence such high intensity Profound Energy exhaustion to her, was a huge burden.

But this time’s restoration was the ancient mechanism in their Ice Serpent Valley so no matter what, she could not afford to commit any mistakes. Hence she could only clench hard on her teeth as she persisted on.

The sweat on her forehead kept dripping down and her entire face flushed red as all the meridians on her body were hurting.

Under the immense pressure, she didn’t have any more strength to notice Huang Yueli’s actions.

Not knowing how much had passed, Meng Hongye’s ears finally rang a young lady’s clear, cold voice.

“Alright, it’s been hard on everyone. The mechanism is already restored completely. Will everyone please slowly retract your Profound Energy. Take note that you must do it slowly and your relaxation speed should not be overly swift, otherwise it will easily lead to a backlash.”

Without the need for Huang Yueli to mention this reasoning, everyone understood this clearly.

When the four of them heard Huang Yueli’s instructions, their hearts were as though they were relieved from a burden but they didn’t dare to slight this hence they slowly retracted their Profound Energy in a steady progress. At the same time, they must also take into consideration the three other companion’s speed in retracting their Profound Energy, in case the Profound Energy in the array was not balanced hence causing an unexpected outcome.

After another quarter of an hour or so, the four of them finally retracted all their Profound Energy completely.