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Chapter 2248: Jumped into the pit that she dug herself (5)

This scene was captured by everyone and they couldn’t help nodding their heads.

“It’s really good! Not bad at all! Young Miss Bai indeed is a natural armament refining genius!”

“Looks like these mechanisms’ defensive power are really not bad! Young Miss Bai really has great skills.”

“But Junior Sister Wan’er is only in the sixth stage realm so she probably can’t test out any real defensive power, looks like it’s time to change someone.”

Meng Hongye had similar thinking in mind and after watching for a moment more, she raised her voice as she called out, “Wan’er, you can come back now! Your task is already completed. Later get your Martial Uncle to come over and continue with the testing!”

When Meng Wan’er heard that, her heart grew anxious.

If she were to return like this, then this episode which she created, not only let that little slut make a fool out of herself, instead it even reflected the other party’s armament refining ability!

She was simply picking up the rock to smash her own feet!

How was she able to endure this kind of matter?

Hence, not only did she listen to Meng Hongye’s words to stop her attacks, on the contrary, she even hastened her attack frequency as one strike after another kept raining up, down, left and right on different positions of the mechanism, as there wasn’t a fixed routine pattern of attacks!

“Bam bam bam bam bam bam bam–”

The impact of Profound Energy crashing against the mechanism sounded louder and louder, making one feel extremely frustrated.

Meng Hongye had not imagined that her own disciple was actually not following what she had instructed and thought it was because Meng Wan’er didn’t hear what she said hence she raised her volume out of no choice.

“Wan’er, it’s enough! Come back right now!”

Meng Wan’er’s actions on her hands took a pause and she secretly clenched her teeth, her heart was wrenching with thousands of unwillingness!

Just at this moment, Huang Yueli’s voice suddenly rang beside her ears, “Young Miss Meng, may I ask if you’re done testing? Are there any parts which you are dissatisfied with the mechanism which I have restored?”

“I…” Meng Wan’er turned her head back and took a look to discover that Huang Yueli had suddenly appeared behind her back.

Thinking of her exasperated look earlier which Huang Yueli had seen, Meng Wan’er was so infuriated that she gritted her teeth.

She thought about it for a moment when suddenly a light bulb lit up as she thought of a specious way of speaking.

“I still can’t verify if this mechanism of yours has a problem or not! After all, this mechanism is going to be used for long term, against beast tides and rampaging snowstorms and I’ve just attacked for merely not more than a quarter of an hour. That’s just basic that we can’t find any problem in such a short amount of time! Who can guarantee that if the attack continues for a slightly longer time, no problems will occur?”

Huang Yueli wasn’t angry when she heard that as she still had the look of a good temper on her as she nodded her head.

“What Young Miss Meng said is true too!”

She paused for a moment and said, “I’m naturally grateful to Young Miss Meng for being willing to help me test the mechanism’s endurance level. But you’re not an Armament Master so you probably wouldn’t be able to find the exact crux so it’s better for me to state it clearly to you!”

She used her finger and pointed to the front as she gestured, “Look at these mechanisms. Every single past is actually uniquely refined and is an entity hence it’s not easily damaged. But the various parts in between are passing through the gears hence those are secured through fusion of materials. These parts here are the weakest parts of the mechanism. However, this mechanism’s structure will normally be more stable in the centre area, whereas the surroundings would be damaged more easily. So when you’re doing the testing, you can attempt to attack the surrounding boundaries, and not aim at the centre position wasting your Profound Energy.”

Huang Yueli carried a smile as she explained the entire mechanism’s design and structure in a simple and clear manner.

When Meng Wan’er heard those words, she was stunned instead.