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Chapter 2245: Jumped into the pit that she dug herself (2)

Meng Wan’er thought she had caught a hold on her but from her attitude, her heart was drumming slightly.

Surely not right? This Bai Ruoli…. she agreed to testing the mechanism so easily, could she really have restored the mechanism?

Meng Wan’er instinctively felt that something was amiss and immediately made a wise decision.

She retreated several steps behind continuously, hiding behind Meng Hongye and the guards by her side, attempting to use the guard’s tall statues to conceal her existence, even better if it could make everyone forget about her.

Alas, in front of Huang Yueli, it was practically impossible for her to have created a ruckus then trying to hide.

Huang Yueli looked left and right when she suddenly raised her voice lously, “Young Miss Meng? Young Miss Meng Wan’er? Can I trouble you to come out!”

Meng Wan’er wanted badly to pretend that she didn’t exist but since Huang Yueli had already pointed her out, the surrounding people all started to look at her and immediately, her position was sold out.

Meng Wan’er could only brace herself to stand out and on the surface, she still bore an arrogant attitude.

“Young Miss Bai, what can I do for you? Could it be that you’ve regretted it and aren’t willing to test the mechanism?”

Huang Yueli gave a faint smile, “How could that be? I’m not like someone, saying out something then turning around to feign ignorance…”

“What do you mean?” Meng Wan’er’s expression turned slightly ugly.

Huang Yueli still maintained her tender and agreeable smile, “Ha ha, Young Miss Meng, why is your temper so bad? I don’t mean anything, just that since you seemed to be the first to raise this out, saying that the mechanism that I restored might not operate properly, so we should first test it, isn’t that so?”

“That’s right, I was the one who raised that! But it’s normal practice to check on the finished product and I’m just doing so for Ice Serpent Valley’s benefit, what are you trying to do? If you don’t feel any guilt, why must you call on me, targeting me?”

Meng Wan’er looked at Huang Yueli with a guarded look as the words she said were more and more sinister than the previous sentence.

Every single sentence was digging a pit for Huang Yueli.

After being said like that, it seemed as though Huang Yueli had really done some guilty stuff when she was restoring the mechanism, hence she kept targeting the person who posed her doubts.

This was an evident reflection of making a false countercharge and when Li Moying heard that, his expression turned extremely gloomy whereas Liu Buyan and the others were also feeling anguished but they were trying their best to curb it.

On the contrary, Huang Yueli seemed as though she wasn’t angry at all as the smile on her face became even more radiant.

“Oh my, Young Miss Meng, what are you saying? You’ve really misunderstood me!”

Seeing her matchless quiet and nice smile, Cang Po Jun and the others hearts’ thumped as all of them had the same thinking in mind: That was it, Grandmaster Huang was really angry! This Meng Wan’er or whosoever had offended the female devil several times but still didn’t feel remorseful, she’s a goner this time round!

Huang Yueli had a beautiful smile in front of outsiders other than Li Moying and that was definitely going to push the other party into the pit!

But no one would be so nosy to go remind Meng Wan’er about this.

Anyway, they’re already long seen this eccentric lady extremely unpleasant to the eye!

Huang Yueli walked towards Meng Wan’er with a face filled with smiles as she politely said, “Young Miss Meng, it’s like this. Your doubts are perfectly logical and it’s only natural to check on the finished product for transactions! My thinking is since you’re the first to state out your doubts, then later when it’s time to check on the finished product, you shall be the one to personally check on it! After you’ve personally tested these mechanisms, if you discover any parts which you’re not satisfied with, you’re welcome to list it out!”