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Chapter 2246: Jumped into the pit that she dug herself (3)

Meng Wan’er originally thought that Huang would try ways and means to renege on it or tried to think of ways to deal with herself.

She had not imagined that Huang Yueli’s attitude was so nice. Not only did she not quarrel with her, she even initiated the suggestion for her to inspect personally! This… was this wretched lass silly or what? She actually dared to do something so stupid?

Even if the mechanism she restored was really done perfectly without any problem, but as long as she did something during inspection, she would be able to create a bit of a problem by saying that she hadn’t restored the mechanism to the ideal state!

So when ordinary people inspected the finished product, both sides would generally find a middleman whom they could trust.

Whereas Huang Yueli actually dared to find Meng Wan’er who had been on loggerheads with her!

Meng Wan’er really felt that Huang Yueli’s mind wasn’t very good! Otherwise, she must have been too overconfident!

But such a good chance was already delivered in front of her so she naturally wouldn’t miss this opportunity!

Meng Wan’er smiled and immediately agreed to it, “Alright, since you trust me so much, then I’ll be the one to check on the finished product! Master, what do you think about this?”

Meng Hongye however hesitated for a moment, “This…. it’s not impossible for you to do it but your cultivation is only at sixth stage realm whereas this mechanism is ninth levelled so logically speaking, it could resist a ninth stage realm practitioner’s attack do it’s still more suitable for the Valley’s Elders who are in ninth stage realm fifth level and above to inspect the finished product?”

Meng Hongye’s proposal was naturally more reasonable.

However, how would Meng Wan’er be agreeable to give up such a good opportunity hence she was insistent while persuading, “Let me check on it first and if there’s no issues, then let’s ask the Elders over. If it can’t even pass my round, then there’s no need to alarm Elders, letting them make a wasted trip.”

When Meng Hongye heard that, it seemed logical as well hence she nodded her head.

“Alright then, go ahead and test on it!”

Meng Wan’er nodded her head as she took quick steps over to the direction of the mechanism, walking over.

By now, the sparkling mechanism and array which were under the sunlight earlier had all turned back into a transparent state, merging into one with the surrounding snowy land.

Meng Wan’er stood still in front and everyone’s gaze gathered onto her.

In reality, everyone present all wanted to know how much of the original power had the mechanism that Huang Yueli had restored?

Having garnered so much attention from everyone, Meng Wan’er momentarily didn’t know what she should do or where she should start from in order to make Huang Yueli become a laughing stock!

Just at this moment, she heard footsteps coming from her back.

Turning back to take a look, she saw Huang Yueli walking towards her.

Meng Wan’er frowned as she looked at her and asked defensively, “Why are you here? I… I haven’t even started inspecting yet!”

Huang Yueli’s attitude was rather good as she smiled and said, “Young Miss Meng, I saw that you seem indecisive and hadn’t done anything hence I’m worried if you’re inexperienced and couldn’t find the weak points of the mechanism so I’m here to help you out.”

Meng Wan’er gave her a stare, “No, no need! I will find a way myself, I don’t need your help!”

Huang Yueli took a step back and was apparently feeling rather aggrieved, “This… but the outer region of the defensive mechanism is set up with an invisible array and for practitioners who are below eighth stage realm, they can’t even see the shape of the mechanism clearly so when doing a test, it’s really inconvenient!”

“What does it have to…..” Meng Wan’er spoke halfway when she suddenly changed her words, “Alright then, help me to do away with the invisible array and make the mechanism appear!”