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Chapter 2238: Simply a miracle! (1)

After observing the nearby mechanisms yesterday, Ice Serpent Valley’s people had been waiting for a long time.

Today, Meng Hongye came over personally.

When Huang Yueli saw her, she wasn’t surprised at all and her attitude was very casual, merely nodding her head towards Meng Hongye as she directly asked, “Valley Master Meng, about the materials that I’ve requested from you yesterday, I wonder if you’ve already got it prepared?”

Meng Hongye didn’t reply to her question but instead threw another question at her, “Young Miss Bai, please tell me the truth. How much certainty do you have, to be able to restore these defensive mechanisms and arrays?”

Huang Yueli shrugged as she said, “This… would depend on the quality of the materials that you bring over, and the manpower you send over, if their ability is strong enough or not!”

Meng Hongye hadn’t even said a word when Meng Wan’er already couldn’t help but give a harrumph.

“How conceited! Speaking as though it was real!”

As Meng Hongye was still standing by the side, Meng Wan’er didn’t dare to speak too loudly but Huang Yueli was standing very close by so she heard her words clearly.

When Huang Yueli heard that, she raised her brows, “Valley Master Meng, looks like Young Miss Meng doesn’t trust me completely? If you really don’t trust my armament refining skills, I also won’t force it. I will never do things which are arduous and thankless!”

Hearing her say that, Meng Wan’er simply stood out and said, “Hmmmm, what does this mean? Almost about to start restoring and you suddenly say that you’re not doing it anymore? Looks like you’ve boasted too much and afraid that you aren’t able to do it hence you’re prepared to escape?”

“Wan’er, shut up! Not allowed to disrespect Young Miss Bai!”

Huang Yueli had not even said a thing when Meng Hongye had already barked out sharply, cutting off Meng Wan’er’s ridicule.

“But, Master…” Meng Wan’er instantly felt aggrieved.

She had deemed Huang Yueli as a swindler and she was actually helping Ice Serpent Valley to fight for their benefits but whoever knew that not only did Master not praise her, instead she was acting harshly towards her?

Meng Hongye shot her a warning look and when she turned towards Huang Yueli, her voice had already turned much politer.

“Young Miss Bai, this disciple of mine had always stayed inside Ice Serpent Valley and had never seen the outside world while being spoiled rotten by me so please don’t hold it against her! Yesterday the words that you asked her to convey, those materials which you need, I’ve already brought it all over and also found those ninth stage realm practitioners whom you need.”

Huang Yueli smiled as she said, “Valley Master Meng, yesterday aren’t you still worried that I’m here to cheat you, why have you changed your mind today?”

Meng Hongye didn’t go on a roundabout as she said directly, ” To tell the truth, when Palace Lord Huang set up these mechanisms back then, I’ve recorded down all the materials that she used right here. Yesterday the materials that you’ve asked us to prepare all corresponded and are exactly those materials which the malfunctioned parts require, without any error. If you weren’t able to tell where the problem lies with those mechanisms, it’s impossible for you to tell all these so clearly!”

Meng Hongye came over personally today, exactly because of this reason.

Huang Yueli’s ingredient list made her realise that this young Armament Master who suddenly came knocking on their door seemed to really have some skills.

In this way, this so-called transaction had turned from a farce into Ice Serpent Valley’s top important matter.

Meng Hongye’s sudden change in attitude within one day, attaching great importance to this hence she headed over early this morning and personally oversaw this entire situation.

Meng Wan’er totally had not understood the pros and cons in this situation and had thought that Meng Hongye was angered by Huang Yueli’s daylight robbery hence she was sniggering inside her heart.