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Chapter 2237: Treat us as foolish spendthrifts (7)

Meng Wan’er saw Li Moying’s reaction and silently clenched her teeth.

Looking at Li Moying’s attitude showing respect towards Huang Yueli, he was obviously the Young Sect Master of Blue Profound Sect but in the end, whether they wanted to stay behind in Ice Serpent Valley or not, he still needed to ask Huang Yueli if she had any objections!

What bewitching drug did she feed to this man?

But Meng Wan’er still remembered the reason for her purpose in coming so she didn’t say much as she stretched out her hand and gestured.

“Alright then, will everyone please follow me!”

Li Moying nodded his head as he held Huang Yueli’s hand and walked up.

However, Huang Yueli had not taken a few steps when she suddenly felt her entire body going soft. As the snowy ground was originally soft, she wasn’t able to walk properly hence her body went crooked and she almost slipped and fell.

Li Moying hurriedly hugged onto her waist as he held onto her, “Li’er? What’s the matter?”

“N… nothing… I just feel a little tired, cough cough…”

Huang Yueli felt a little too embarrassed as she had just exhibited a little armament refining skills and her Profound Energy was totally depleted to this extent. A quarter of an hour had already gone by but yet she hasn’t totally recovered her strength. Her current ability was simply too weak!

“I’ll be much better if I just rest a little while… ahhh!”

Huang Yueli lowered her voice as she explained and in the middle of it, she suddenly felt her legs being lifted up as Li Moying carried her horizontally.

“Hey!? Moying, I can walk by myself! Let me down!”

“Alright, don’t talk so much! You walk so slowly by yourself, are you trying to make everyone accompany you in the snowy lands to chill?” Li Moying gave her a stare and his tone was not gentle at all.

But the movement on his hands was extremely gentle as he wrapped her up with the cape and used his body to shield her face against the bitter wind, being so careful with his actions as though he was hugging some rare treasure.

Huang Yueli initially felt a little awkward but after she detected a gaze filled with jealousy, she stopped struggling instead as she just pounced into Li Moying’s arms, hugging onto his neck as she allowed him to carry her away obediently.

Meng Wan’er had simply gone mad from jealousy upon seeing this!

So, the aloof and cool man on the surface actually had such a gentle side to him!

Only thing was why wasn’t the lady in her arms herself!

That night, Blue Profound Sect’s group of people settled down in Ice Serpent Valley.

On hearing that Li Moying and Huang Yueli were going to stay in the same room, Meng Wan’er’s dagger-like gaze was simply as though she couldn’t wait to bore two holes on Huang Yueli’s body.

But Meng Hongye quickly sent someone over to pass the message, asking Meng Wan’er to go visit her and it was then when Meng Wan’er couldn’t help but left unwillingly.

Ice Serpent Valley’s female attendants delivered food to them and many of it were something which weren’t seen in Sky Emperor City. Even the wine was brewed using the Ice Mountain Snow Lotus.

Momentarily, everyone casted the little episode which Meng Wan’er had created as they enjoyed eating and admired the beautiful scenery in Ice Serpent Valley.

After all, the number of women who fell in love and offered themselves Li Moying were plenty and at any point of time, there would be a huge handful of them hence everyone had long been used to it.

Even for Meng Wan’er this kind of quality, she could forget about creating any waves at all.

The ice house was different from what everyone imagined, and not only did it not feel cold, moreover it was extremely warm.

With that, one night passed and everyone was rather well rested. On the second day when they woke, all of them were extremely spirited.

When it was exactly five, Huang Yueli led Li Moying and a group of Guardians and Shadow Guards, appearing exactly at the entrance of Ice Serpent Valley.