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Chapter 2214: Return to Northern Ice Fields (6)

After some time, Li Moying then raised his head but he still didn’t let her go.

The two of them remained in a tight embrace.

Li Moying touched Huang Yueli’s face as he spoke out softly, “Be obedient, we will be entering Northern Ice Field’s frozen zone within these two days and it’s getting colder up ahead. You just put on a dress and walk out like this, you’d catch a cold easily and at this juncture, surely you won’t want to fall ill suddenly right?”

Meeting with the man’s concerned gaze, Huang Yueli nodded her head obediently, “Alright, I’ll take note.”

Li Moying didn’t say anything more, only holding the young lady tightly in his arms and the both of them lifted their hearts as they gazed into the skies far away.

Soaring Heavens Continent’s stars were always distributed towards the north side.

As they were already very near the Northern Ice Fields, so when they looked over, the sky was filled with sparkling stars as the milky way seemed to spread across the sky.

Under the illumination of the stars, the area which had been covered by ice and snow reflected a clear and sparkling lustre as though it was fairyland.

Huang Yueli leaned against Li Moying’s chest and after a long time, she spoke out softly, “Moying, do you feel that our trip to Northern Ice Fields this time round would be successful?”

When Li Moying heard that, the arm which he held her waist tightened unobtrusively as he spoke out softly, “Why are you saying this? With me around, everything will be smooth. Have you forgotten? Every time we go on experience learning, no matter what kind of dangers we meet, I am always able to bring you back safely, isn’t it?”

Huang Yueli started to recall many incidents in the past when she heard that and a smile was revealed on her lips.

“That’s right, back then you were extremely overbearing and you actually don’t allow me to group up with other people! Please, I was bringing ten over disciples from Mythical Flame Palace to go on experience learning but you actually abducted the leader away, what do you want the others to do?”

Li Moying pinched her slender waist as he gritted his teeth, “Little heartless one! Haven’t I met with a good chance that time or perhaps saw that it was some armament refining material that you liked the most, hence I specially brought you along? Forget it if you don’t thank me, you still have the cheek to complain?”

Huang Yueli realised that he was acting all fierce and giggled, “Alright, alright, alright, I admit that you are very incredible! Following you around, every single time I will be the one who will gain the advantages. The only time I didn’t go with you, was to the Northern Ice Fields and in the end…”

Huang Yueli turned sullen.

These few days, as the distance to Northern Ice Fields was shortening, in her mind, she could already clearly see the scene which happened in her past life when she self-exploded.

Those memories to her was extremely painful hence she intentionally tried to downplay it, to forget about it.

Having gone through rebirth for almost two years, she thought that she had already digested quite a fair bit but when she got near to the accident place, she uncontrollably recalled this again and again.

Li Moying’s body jolted slightly.

The scene of Huang Yueli self-exploding in Lone Sky Summit had been his greatest nightmare for so many years and the minute he thought about it, his heart would be so pained that it hurt all his organs!

He strove and controlled his emotions as he locked Huang Yueli even tightly into his arms, feeling her physical presence and only through this manner could he pacify his terrified heart, and to convince himself that everyone was already over…

“Let’s not think about the sad things any longer. It’s enough that we are still able to be together now…”

Huang Yueli sensed his feelings as she stretched out her arm and hugged him back tightly.

After some time, she spoke out, “Moying, actually I have always had this feeling that it was destined that I have to return back to Northern Ice Fields once again.”