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Chapter 2215: Return to Northern Ice Fields (7)

Li Moying jumped as he looked at her in astonishment for a little while and the expression on his face turned slightly grave.

“Li’er, haven’t I said this before? Don’t try to recall the things that had happened in the past… I know that towards that you are still brooding over whatever happened in your past life in Northern Ice Fields but thinking too much does nothing to the situation. Those fellows who took part in the siege to attack you back then, I’ve already killed all off them and now it’s only Ling Qing Yu, Chi Xiao Jiu and a few others and this time after I get the Bipolar Black Orchid and have the Soul Detachment Illness cured, I will go with you to Celestial Light Gate and Mythical Flame Palace to settle the debt with these two wretched people!”

Huang Yueli lifted up her head to see that exquisitely perfect suave face surfacing anxiety and rage.

Her fair finger pressed between Li Moying’s eyebrows as she lightly smoothened out his wrinkled brows.

“Moying, you’re mistaken, I’m not thinking back about the past. I’m already someone who had gone through rebirth so no matter how sad I was back then, it’s all already passed by now. I said I have a special feeling and that’s exactly what the words mean.”

Li Moying’s brows creased as he totally couldn’t comprehend, “What the words mean? What do you mean?”

Huang Yueli blinked and hesitated for moments, seemingly not knowing how to express this clearly.

This… actually I also can’t tell clearly. Only thing is I have recently had this thought of making a trip to the Northern Ice Fields once and I myself don’t know why I have this urge to do so. There seems to be this feeling deep down in my heart, as though it’s been summoned by something. This time the ghost mask man’s invitation could be said to have hit the spot. Especially now that we’re approaching Northern Ice Fields, my heart is becoming more unsettled, as though… something is waiting for me straight ahead…”

Huang Yueli’s gaze shot far ahead, as her dainty exquisite face revealed a puzzled expression.

Under the surrounding snow rays, she seemed to be a lost fairy who had accidentally fallen onto the mortal world.

Li Moying subconsciously grabbed her hand tightly and for that one second, he suddenly felt a wave of intense terror, as though if he loosened his hand, Huang Yueli would fly away from his arms!

“Li’er, you’re mine! Don’t think astray, anyway our trip this time round is to obtain the Bipolar Black Orchid. As long as we get the Bipolar Black Orchid, we’ll return immediately to Sky Emperor City, treat my illness and later hold our wedding so we must remain together forever. As for the rest, you’re not allowed to think so much, do you hear me?”

Huang Yueli could hear the shivering tone in the man’s voice as she was stunned for a moment and couldn’t help but laugh out.

“Moying, aren’t you overly anxious? I’m just casually speaking! I’m guessing that I have this premonition, possibly because I have the Sky Phoenix Ring on me and in my past life, I’ve heard that there is a fragment of the Sky Phoenix Ring in the Northern Ice Fields, but too bad I didn’t managed to find it and something happened to me… perhaps….”

“No way!” Before she could complete her sentence, she was already interrupted by Li Moying.

“Northern Ice Fields is originally an extremely dangerous place and in my past life, I’ve tried to enter the Northern Ice Fields several times alone and met with danger, sometimes almost unable to leave…” He paused for a moment, seemingly recalling something, “Anyway, this is a mysterious and dangerous place so we must be careful in everything we do. If you want to look for the fragments, you have to wait till I recover and I’ll bring you over so this time round, you can’t act recklessly!”

Huang Yueli rolled her eyes at him as she spoke out exasperatedly, “Do I need you to tell me that, of course I know! I’m not a child! Moreover speaking, I still have something more important to do!”