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Chapter 2212: Return to Northern Ice Fields (4)

Huang Yueli took her clothes and was just preparing to change into it when she realised that Li Moying didn’t have any intention of leaving at all as he stood in front of her, eyes staring straight at her without blinking at all.

Huang Yueli’s lips pouted as she stared at him, “What are you looking at? Quickly get out! This virtuous lady is changing clothes, how can you be sneaking a peek by the side?”

Li Moying’s lips curled in an apparent devilish manner which made his perfectly proportioned features become even more bewitching.

“Firstly, I am looking openly and uprightly, not sneaking a peek. Secondly, you are my woman, not anyone else’s. Thirdly…. Since you are asking me to get out, I will purposely not do so!”

Huang Yueli was so infuriated by that. Ever since the time when the both of them had got together officially, he realised that this man totally did not have the same kind of cool and emotionless look, but on the contrary, he was getting more and more shameless by the day, totally as if he had no skin or face at all!

She wanted to punch someone so she subconsciously struck out a palm strike.

However, at the instance when her fair palm touched Li Moying’s chest, she suddenly recalled that this man wasn’t the same powerful peerless strong exponent in their past lives, but a patient who could not utilise his Profound Energy….

Huang Yueli instantly could not hit down on him as she hastily retracted her Profound Energy but her palm was still pasted on Li Moying’s body.

Li Moying was attacked by his little fox but he didn’t show any trace of fluster at all, still with a languid look as he stretched out his hand and placed it on top of Huang Yueli’s little hand.

“Li’er, this is… you’re trying to take advantage of me? Feel free to do so, I’m not as petty as you so however you want to do it, just go ahead. But remember to take responsibility after taking advantage!”

“Take… Ugh! Get out right now!”

Huang Yueli regained her senses as she pushed him out with a flushed face and locked the door to ensure that no one barged in before she hurriedly changed.

After that, she hastily washed up before running out in a hurry.

It was until 1pm when everyone gathered back again and boarded the Snow Cloud Sky Ship as they set off officially towards the Northern Ice Fields.

“As everyone knows, due to the dramatic change over ten thousand years ago in God Realm, the link between Soaring Heavens Continent and God Realm had been cut off. Not only the entire Continent’s Heaven and Earth’s Profound Qi had turned totally thin, moreover it also made the continent’s humans suffer from a great impact. Most of them died or suffered heavy casualties and a vast area of land around the Continent’s exterior had all turned vile. Only the Continent’s centre area’s Four Sky Regions and Sky Emperor City allowed ordinary people to live in.”

“Besides the areas in the Four Skies Region, the other areas are all restricted zones where men were rarely found.”

“The Northern Ice Field is situated in the most northern side of Soaring Heavens Continent and is North Sky Continent’s extensive zone. It is not possible for ordinary people to survive there but for practitioners, it is an excellent place to go on experience training because there are innumerable chances there. As long as one has enough ability and luck, you will be able to get it. Of course, if one’s ability is not enough, one would also easily be buried there.”

Huang Yueli leaned comfortably against a soft cushioned chaise lounge and sitting beside Li Moying the Number One Handsome Male in the Continent, like a man slave, he kept pouring tea and feeding her snacks. That posture was simply like an extravagant indulgent Queen.

Because he couldn’t bear for his Li’er to suffer while on this rushed trip, hence Li Moying had recently made a lot of preparations.

On the Snow Cloud Sky Ship, there were practically everything there which was as comfortable as in Levitation Sword Palace.

This time the candidates who went along with them to the Northern Ice Fields included Mo Yi and some shadow guards who were all from the South Sky Region and this was their first time heading towards the Northern Ice Fields.