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Chapter 2206: Kiss upon disagreement (4)

He only took a deep breath and flipped over vigorously as he laid beside Huang Yueli.

His chest heaved up and down intensely as he attempted to quell the fire that was lit by this sweet and beautiful young lass by his side.

However, the faint fragrance emitted from her body shrouded around his nose, not only making him unable to calm down, but became even more frustrated.

Huang Yueli heard the man’s deep breathing as her eyes were tightly shut and her pearly white teeth bit her lips gently.

Earlier, when Li Moying was on top of her, she felt that she was stuck, that must be…. Ughh!

Although she usually seemed black-bellied and intelligent, no matter if it was in terms of cultivation, battle power or whether it was how she handled things, she had always been very mature and could handle everything with ease but in this sort of matters… even if she had two lifetime of experience, but she really hadn’t experienced affairs of the heart, hence she felt extremely shy.

Luckily, Li Moying was able to stop himself in time…

Huang Yueli initially began by pricking her ears up in alertness, listening to the man’s movements, deeply afraid that his beastly instincts would act up.

But not too long later, she felt that her eyelids were fighting and very soon, she drifted into dreamland.

“Hu— hu—”

This time round, her snoring was real.

Whereas by her side, when the man who was being tormented heard this sound, his face revealed an indignant expression.

He turned his body over and stretched out her hand as he pinched Huang Yueli’s fair and tender little face, “Heartless little thing, fell asleep just like this?”


The only reply to his question was the young lady’s stable breathing sound.

Although the skin on her face was overly tender, turning a light shade of red mark from a gentle squeeze, but her sleep was totally uninterrupted as she remained sleeping like a blissful little pig.

Li Moying was helpless as well, surely he couldn’t shake her up right?

These few days, seeing how his Li’er had been working so hard for him, getting up early in the day to work, other than feeling heartache, he sensed even more guilt.

Li’er, I really hope that I can get better soon. In this way, you need not be so exhausted. I want to materialise the promise that I made to you in my past life, to let you become the most fortunate little woman in three thousand worlds.” Li Moying muttered to himself.

Not sure if Huang Yueli heard that or not, she suddenly turned her body over and her soft lips happened to brush past his face.

Li Moying was stunned and following that, his lips revealed a sliver of smile as he stretched out his strong arm, pulling her petite and curvaceous body into his arms.

The duo’s bodies, one tall and one petite, were incomparably compatible.

Li Moying buried his head into Huang Yueli’s neck as his heart felt extremely peaceful.

To be able to hold his beloved Li’er in his arms, in such a tranquil and beautiful time, even if it was just a moment in time, it was enough to fill the emptiness in his heart.

In his past life, everything that he had done was really worth it.

Even if this trip to the Northern Ice Fields was his last moment in life, he would not have any regrets at all…

After a few days later, they had basically prepared everything that they required in the Northern Ice Fields.

Dai Boqi rushed into Huang Yueli’s room in the night and cried out agitatedly, “Succeeded, This Old Man has succeeded! Disciple, quickly take a look at this pill, this is the pill which This Master had used with that piece of Bipolar Black Orchid’s petals, in combination with the other medicinal herbs to refine it out! Although it isn’t as useful as the Purified Spirit Polymerize Pill, but at least it would enable Young Sect Master Li to… what are you two doing?”