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Chapter 2205: Kiss upon disagreement (3)

Kissing upon disagreement, this was a violation!

Although she wanted to be closer to Li Moying from the depths of her heart, but… this was still a violation!

“Mmm mmmph…. Moying, let go of me, I still have… mmph!!”

Huang Yueli pushed and shoved the man, and finally managed to push him a little further away as she couldn’t even be bothered to have a change of breath as she was about to convince him to let her go.

However, Li Moying totally didn’t care about what she said. He gave her a short piece of freedom only to lock her wrists together tightly above her head as she changed to a more comfortable posture and without any hesitation, he plundered Huang Yueli’s breathing once again.

Initially, Huang Yueli still remembered her Profound Armament and resisted for a few times.

But slowly, she was tempted by Li Moying’s overbearing man’s imposing presence….

By the time she regained her senses, she realised that unknowingly, her inner shirt’s collar’s button had been released.

“Hey, you…. get lost!” Huang Yueli resented angrily.

But the moment her words came out, she then realised that her voice had actually sounded soft and tender, as though she was acting coquettish.

This voice, to Li Moying, apparently did not hold any intimidation at all.

The man raised his head and took a look at her, that rippling seduction in her peach blossomed eyes was flowing like brilliant lights and it seemed abstruse which was unfathomable.

He licked his lips as he gave an evil smile, “Li’er, aren’t you not feeling sleepy or tired? No matter, we can exercise a little to aid in sleep…”

Huang Yueli’s face flushed as it turned beetroot red as she stammered, “No, no need… I… I’m very sleepy, very tired! You see, I… my eyes can’t even open…”

Saying that, she really shut her eyes as her head turned askance and laid on the bed vertically like an obedient little baby.

Li Moying propped his body up halfway as he lowered his head and looked at her fair, tender little face radiating with two shades of red as her long, curly lashes drooped downwards to reflect that faint shadow under her eyes. Her hair was a little messy as it spread all over the pillow.

Simply, beautiful like a rag doll…

Li Moying’s eyes fixed upon her without blinking, as he subconsciously leaned towards her…

Huang Yueli suddenly opened her eyes, “You, you, you…. shameless! Where is your hand touching again? Didn’t you say that you’d let me sleep, to… to rest properly?”

Li Moying gave off a low toned laughter and that good-looking face leaned to her front and swept a gentle breath past her ears, “I’m giving you a bedtime massage eh? In this way you will feel more comfortable sleeping, and more relaxed, let’s have a try?”

Huang Yueli felt that her brain was about to turn into a gooey mess.

Luckily her determination was firm enough and in her mind, there was still a hint of clear-mindedness, “No… no need to go through all these trouble! Now is already good enough, I…. I am already asleep…. Snore, snore…”

Her eyes were tightly shut as she purposely made slight snoring sounds.

Even if he knew it was fake, but seeing her sleeping in such a fortunate look, Li Moying couldn’t bear to interrupt her.