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Chapter 2192 : Who was that exactly (6)

The two of them were discussing this when they suddenly heard Huang Yueli’s flustered screams.

“Moying, Moying, you… what’s the matter with you? Don’t scare me! Quickly wake up!”

Liu Buyan regained his senses and his expression changed abruptly, “Oh no, I forgot about Moying’s condition, earlier he used one hundred percent of his power to fight with the ghost mask man…”

The duo hastily ran next to Huang Yueli.

At this present moment, Li Moying had already lost consciousness and his complexion was as white as paper and he didn’t move at all.

As for Huang Yueli, she hugged his body tightly as she kept pressing various acupoints but the results weren’t large at all.

Liu Buyan walked over and held Li Moying’s pulse as he administered treatment and his expression turned uglier.

“Damn it! The last time I joined hands with Master, we worked so hard for his primordial spirit to stabilise but this time he completely used the Profound Energy within his body and directly shattered his primordial spirit again! Now he is in a perilous situation!”

Huang Yueli cried out anxiously, “Senior Brother, you… you definitely have a way to save him right?”

“I….” Liu Buyan really wanted to tell the truth, to tell her straight that this situation was really very critical and even if it was him, it was possible for him to slip up as well.

To the patient and his family, telling them all the risks involved was very important to a doctor.

After all, Divine Doctors weren’t real Gods and they also encountered situations where they didn’t have enough ability to do certain things as well.

However, facing Huang Yueli’s terrified gaze, Liu Buyan just couldn’t say these things at all.

This forever confident, resolute and unwavering young lady was now brimming with tears and even had a terrified expression.

As long as something was related to Li Moying’s life and death situation, she would always be like this… every single time, it would always be because of Li Moying…..

Liu Buyan clenched his teeth as he suppressed that smirk of sour feeling in his heat, “Don’t be anxious, have you fed Young Sect Master Li with the medication already?”

Huang Yueli nodded his head, “I’ve fed him already but the usually effective medicinal pill seems as though it’s totally useless now. I even used the method which Master taught to control the flow of his Profound Energy in his body but the effects aren’t that huge as well…. It must be because he had forcibly used his Profound Energy earlier hence this happened…..”

Li Buyan nodded his head, “No matter, as long as he took the pill, his life will temporarily not be in any danger. But he cannot move now so we have to trouble Guardian Jun to first return to the Snow Cloud Sky Ship and drive the flying ship over so that we can directly board from here and hurry back to Levitation Sword Palace immediately. I must use the golden needles with Master to stabilise his primordial spirit once again!”

Cang Po Jun could not even reply as he sped off to drive the ship over.

Li Moying was lifted onto the Snow Cloud Sky Ship and even though he was in a state of unconsciousness, his hands kept holding on to Huang Yueli tightly, refusing to let go no matter what.

Even until they entered Levitation Sword Palace and Dai Boqi was about to administer treatment for Li Moying, Huang Yueli was still unable to let go of his hand.

Huang Yueli met with her Master’s mocking gaze and was slightly embarrassed and wanted to withdraw her hand even more so.

However the unconscious man seemed as though it was some sort of obsession to grab the most important thing to him, totally refusing to let go.

Dai Boqi was standing by the side as he looked with slight interest for a moment and said, “Enough, stop being restless, treatment is more important and just stay around here! You’re also an entry-level Pill Master now so it’s just nice that you stay around to see how your Senior Brother and I administer treatment with the golden needles to first learn the basics and in future, This Master will teach you in more detail!”