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Chapter 2185: First time crossing swords (7)

Even those accomplices who had been struck unconscious by Li Moying also couldn’t be bothered about them as they started escaping hastily.

Earlier, those attacks that they had used against Li Moying earlier were basically to stop him from continuing with their pursuit and they had long made preparations to take the opportunity while Li Moying was pushed back to immediately make a retreat.

Liu Buyan and Cang Po Jun saw that and hurriedly chased after them.

Huang Yueli went over to support Li Moying and watched him swallow down the pills while looking at his slightly pale complexion worriedly.

“Leave this to Senior Brother, let’s go back…”

Li Moying shook his head, “No, I’m worried about Buyan and the others, I’ll follow over and take a look, go back to the Snow Cloud Sky Ship first!”

Huang Yueli couldn’t help but frowned, “What do you mean? Don’t you even think about your own condition! Earlier you already used up eighty percent of your power so don’t you know how serious the damage to your primordial spirit is! Still not going to head back to the Snow Cloud Sky Ship for my Master to take a look? Still want to chase them? Still want to fight against them? Don’t you want your life anymore?”

Li Moying’s handsome looking face revealed a grave expression.

“I’m afraid that Buyan and the rest will be in danger, moreover, the Bipolar Black Orchid…”

“What kind of danger can they get into?” Huang Yueli interrupted him, “Those black robed practitioner’s abilities aren’t very strong and they can’t even take one move from you. Senior Brother and Guardian Jun are the top ten exponents in the Sky Chart, can’t they even defeat these few scum?”

Li Moying shook his head, “Things aren’t that simple. If these fellows are indeed so worthless as you think, they should know that they aren’t able to escape from me, so since they dare to come, there must be something behind… no way, we have to chase up to them quickly!”

Li Moying’s hand trembled and Huang Yueli thought that he was about to seal her meridians again so she hurriedly took a step back to evade his move.

However, Li Moying didn’t make a move against her, merely using a fake move to make her move back and following that, his figure flashed and he chased right after Liu Buyan and the others.

When Huang Yueli saw that, she was exasperated, “Damn it! This man just loves to put on a strong front too much! Even if he managed to chase up to them, based on his current condition, does he really want to fight with them? Argh!”

She was extremely infuriated but she couldn’t rest her heart so she could only chase after them closely.

The minute she got near, she could see from afar that Liu Buyan and Cang Po Jun had joint hands to work together, and every single move they made were powerfully astonishing.

Under their strong attacks, the black robed men totally couldn’t resist them and they were falling back as one after another started to collapse.

On seeing the leading practitioner also seriously injured, the two of them temporarily stopped their attacks.

Liu Buyan placed his hands behind his back and he spoke out in a casual tone, “How is it? Still not going to admit defeat? Not going to hand over the Bipolar Black Orchid?”

The black robed man clutched the area where his injury was and took a few steps back as his senses were on full alert, “Impossible!”

“Quickly hand over the Bipolar Black Orchid! My patience isn’t very good and if you don’t know what’s good for you, I don’t mind sending you off to your end and by then even if you don’t want to hand in, the result will still be the same!” As compared to the graceful demeanour that Liu Buyan had, Cang Po Jun’s threat was much more clear cut!

They bothered to spend so much effort in talking to this fellow, and not directly killed him to snatch it was mainly because they were afraid that this black robed man would be forced to a corner and on seeing that he could not escape, he would just destroy the Bipolar Black Orchid. In that way, they would lose out more than they could gain.

The black robed man also understood this point clearly as he laughed coldly, “Do you treat me like an idiot? After I have you the medicinal herb, will I still be able to leave here alive?”