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Chapter 2184: First time crossing swords (6)

However, after retreating back for a couple of steps, one of the black robed men seemed to have recalled something as he stopped his footsteps.

“Li… Li Moying! You’re merely in ninth stage realm fourth level, do you really think of yourself as invincible? Want to snatch the Bipolar Black Orchid from our hands? Hur hur, you’re not Mu Chengying! I’ll let you experience my prowess!”

Saying that, his right hand raised up and a burst of flame arose from the ground, instantly forming a fire wall which linked from the earth to the sky and it started moving swiftly towards Li Moying!

Following his move, the other black robed meh too started to come out with their moves with various kinds of Profound Skills as they were all simultaneously charged towards Li Moying!

Huang Yueli instantly held her breathing and she wanted to increase her speed but the pressure from so many ninth stage realm practitioners making a move at the same time was just too overwhelming and that affected her speed as well.

“MOYING—!!” She clenched her teeth in terror!

If Li Moying wanted to block off so many attacks at the same time, he would definitely need to use a large portion of his Profound Energy in his body then his primordial spirit… would it be able to take such a huge impact?

Just as Huang Yueli was in huge shock, Liu Buyan and Cang Po Jun had already dashed right in front of Li Moying.

The two of them joined hands and exploded a powerful amount of Profound Energy.

The vigorous explosion sounded and Huang Yueli was pushed backwards by the impact and when she lifted her head up again, she discovered that the duo had successfully blocked off all the attacks.

Whereas Li Moying’s body suddenly stumbled as he staggered back a few steps before he barely steadied himself.

He pressed his hand against his forehead as one after another wave of headache in his head pressed on, one stronger than the previous. Apparently, his forced use in Profound energy had suffered a backlash!

Cang Po Jun hurriedly rushed in front of Li Moying, “Sovereign, how are you? Are you injured?”

Liu Buyan stood by the side as he gave a cold harrumph, “Relax, he won’t die! His life is very hard! Already instructed him multiple times that if he wanted to cure his Soul Detachment Illness, he must never fight with others but he has no qualms about this at all, did he really think that he won’t die?”

Liu Buyan’s mockery and ridicule and that expression on his face was filled with extreme disdain.

“I’m telling you, if you die it’ll be all clean because towards your Li’er, I will…”

These words were basically poking on Li Moying’s Achilles Heel and his complexion was getting worse and worse as his gaze turned cold and his fists clenched tight…

Just at this moment, Huang Yueli came to the scene and on hearing the words that Liu Buayn said, she couldn’t help but stare hard at him as she immediately interrupted his words, “Senior Brother, don’t talk nonsense! Quickly take a look at how Moying is, haven’t you just refined a new pill which can curb the Soul Detachment Illness yesterday? Still not taking it out?”

“Junior Sister…” Liu Buyan’s face flushed pale as he was stuffed by her until he almost couldn’t breathe.

Even though he knew in Huang Yueli’s heart, his status couldn’t be compared to Li Moying, surely the differential treatment need not be this obvious right?

“Can you be faster!” On seeing him still standing there in a daze, Huang Yueli was so upset that she stomped her feet.

Liu Buyan was helpless as he could only take out a bottle of medicinal pill from his sleeve pocket.

Huang Yueli snatched it over and poured the pills out as she went over to feed Li Moying.

Liu Buyan walked over as well, “Forget it, forget it, on account of Junior Sister’s face, This Divine Doctor shall take your pulse…”

However, Li Moying pushed his aside, “Don’t bother about me, quickly go chase those people! The Bipolar Black Orchid is in their hands! Don’t let them escape!”

Liu Buyan hurriedly turned back to see those slightly stronger abled black robed men already escaping off a large distance away.