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Chapter 2180: First time crossing swords (2)

Everyone’s gazes landed onto Huang Yueli almost at the same time.

Under the attention of the crowd, Huang Yueli got up from the VIP seating but didn’t immediately leave, instead she turned her head around and took a look at Li Moying.

Li Moying’s eyes were filled with praise as he sent her off slowly with his eyes.

Huang Yueli stood on the prize presentation platform and the spectators’ seating instantly broke out into an enthusiastic applause.

Almost everyone conveyed their adoration and reverence towards Huang Yueli, from the bottoms of their hearts.

Although quite a number of people didn’t know who she was, but her performance in the Rising Star Competition was just too outstanding and too eye-catching! There was no way to not admire her from deep down in their hearts!

Huang Yueli was feeling extremely happy because to her, glory was merely a floating cloud but to be able to get the Bipolar Black Orchid, that meant that Li Moying’s Soul Detachment Illness would be completely healed! The large rock that was weighing in her heart could finally have a landing spot!

To her, nothing was more important than this matter.

Master Shen said, “Next, let’s invite Alchemist Guild Headquarters President Feng Zhensheng, to present the prize to this talented Pill Master personally! Let’s have a round of applause everyone!”

The clapping below the stage grew even more enthusiastic.

However, Feng Zhensheng’s expression was as ugly as it could be.

Right now at this moment, the only thing that he wanted to do the most was to kill Huang Yueli with one palm strike!

He had never been embarrassed this badly ever since he became the Alchemist Guild’s President!

After his outstanding daughter with extraordinary ability had been taught a lesson by Huang Yueli, not only did she lose the championship of the Rising Star Competition, she even made herself embarrassed time and again in front of so many people.

With that, as her father, he had also become the target of ridicule of the crowd.

Especially for those few Elders in the Guild who were not on good terms with him, these two days they simply could not shut their mouths from smiling, and had led to both father-daughter duo becoming a great joke of the day!

Feng Zhensheng was extremely infuriated but the most sullen of these all was that in this kind of occasion, he absolutely could not flip tables with Huang Yueli.

In fact, he even had to put on an extremely delighted look, and to award the prize to Huang Yueli personally.

Thinking of the price of that stalk of Bipolar Black Orchid in his hands, he felt even more pained. Such an expensive medicinal herb, even if it wasn’t used to refine pills, just putting it up for auction was extremely valuable and yet it was going into that wretched lass’s hands!

Feng Zhensheng and Feng Xiaoyan had really lost their faces through and through this time round!

Feng Zhensheng dilly dallied and refused to step up but eventually he could only force himself to walk right up to Huang Yueli.

He stared at Huang Yueli angrily as he tried hard to open his mouth, “That… Young Miss Bai, congratulations for winning the championship of this season’s competition. As Divine Doctor Dai’s disciple, your status is respectful and you actually lowered your status to take part in such a low levelled competition, this championship…. Naturally it is an easy task for you! No wonder Young Miss Bai was able to shine so brilliantly in the competition!”

His words seemed as though he was praising Huang Yueli but in actual fact, it was silently hinting and poking at her for relying on such an incredible Master to gain the championship. Moreover, she had to compete against competitions who did not have such great innate talent as hers, making her into a suspect of using her strength to mistreat other people.

These words, in the crowd’s ears, didn’t feel as though it was wrong.

But to those ordinary Pill Masters who had just been awarded the prize, they all felt uncomfortable upon hearing that.

That’s right, if there wasn’t Huang Yueli, perhaps their ranking would have increased by one.

Especially for the top ten participants, their performances were rather eye catching as well.