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Chapter 2181: First time crossing swords (3)

But because of the exceptionally strong presence of Huang Yueli, their skills and breakthrough had all become props to make her shine, hence they totally did not attract anyone else’s attention.

When younger Pill Masters took part in the competition, even if they were not able to come in first place, they all wanted to show off their performance in the Rising Star Competition, to attract high levelled Pill Master’s attention so that they were able to acknowledge a good Master.

But now, the limelight had totally been stolen by Huang Yueli, hence they naturally felt upset.

Huang Yueli could tell the provocative meaning in Feng Zhensheng’s words but she didn’t get angry. Instead she merely raised her brows and spoke out calmly, “That’s right, I originally didn’t want to take part in the competition, and my only aim is for the Bipolar Black Orchid. If it wasn’t the prize of the championship, I needed to fight for the ranking and perhaps, Young Miss Feng would be able to obtain first place. I really have no choice!”

When Feng Zhensheng and Feng Xiaoyan who were standing by the side heard that, they almost threw up blood on the spot!

Other people didn’t understand what Huang Yueli meant, but they were very clear on what her intention was.

Liu Buyan had originally came to the Alchemist Guild to ask for the Bipolar Black Orchid on Huang Yueli’s behalf but Feng Zhensheng wanted to stand up for his daughter hence he intentionally made things difficult for them, and did not gave the medicinal herb to him.

Now that Huang Yueli brought this matter up again, it made the both of them extremely frustrated.

If they knew about this earlier, they would rather give the Bipolar Black Orchid to this wretched lass directly. In his way she wouldn’t have taken part in the Rising Star Competition and at the very least, Feng Xiaoyan’s championship would not be stolen away, nor would she make repeated mistakes in the competition, to become the joke of the entire Sky Emperor City!

The two of them were both feeling indignant and remorseful but alas, it was impossible for time to flow back so no matter how remorseful they felt, there was nothing they could do to make amends!

After some time, Feng Zhensheng hissed out a sentence from his teeth, “Since that’s the case, congratulations Young Miss Bai.”

Huang Yueli nodded her head immodestly and later asked, “President Feng, where’s my prize? Shouldn’t you award me my prize?”

Hearing that, Feng Zhensheng was rather surprised.

Although he couldn’t bear to send out the Bipolar Black Orchid but he had never thought about reneging on the debt in front of everyone and by right, before the results were announced, Master Zhang should have already collected the medicinal herb along with the Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild’s guards to the top grade warehouse and by this time, he should already have returned.

But he didn’t see Master Zhang’s figure at all.

Master Shen hurried over and explained, “Young Miss Bai, President Feng, will the both of you please kindly wait for a moment. Master Zhang and the others have already headed towards the warehouse but they might have been delayed by something.”

Although he said that, he was actually feeling puzzled in his heart.

Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild’s warehouse wasn’t very far away and they would at most take less than an hour to return, why had they taken such a long time?

Huang Yueli nodded her head and she expected Feng Zhengsheng to not renege on the debt hence she didn’t urge him again.

But the Pill Masters on the prize presentation stage just stood dully in the wing, and waited for almost another quarter of an hour but Master Zhang still hadn’t returned.

In this way, everyone got rather impatient from waiting.

Especially for those spectators, they all couldn’t help but whisper in each other’s ears, trying to guess what had happened exactly.

“This… this… should be so, Master Zhang has always been serious and responsible and he normally doesn’t make any mistakes so I wonder why he hasn’t returned yet…”

Meeting with Huang Yueli’s doubting gaze, Master Shen’s forehead was filled with sweat as he hurriedly tried to explain.

He didn’t know the reason why the frail young lady standing in front of him was only sixteen but one gaze of hers was even more severe than those peerless top exponents on the Sky Chart, running a chill down his back.