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Chapter 2178: Such low methods! (8)

Although she was a rare peerless beauty, but what was most attractive about her was that it was never her beauty, but…. her firm and tenacious inner heart!

Whereas Huang Yueli was also bewitched by that pair of seductive peach blossom eyes as she cried offence out loudly in her heart!

How could there be any man who looked so outstanding, simply beyond the word perfect!

If Li Moying’s ability was slightly weaker, she already had the intention to knock him unconscious and bring him back to be the master of her fort.

The two of them exchanged glances for a moment and the ambiguity between them grew more and more intense.

Some bystander could not stand seeing it any longer as he coughed loudly and said, “Hey, what are the two of you standing there looking at each other for? Don’t blame me for not reminding you? There’s so many bystanders around, don’t you do anything that is detrimental to public morale!”

Huang Yueli was in a daze and she immediately regained her senses as she walked up in quick steps next to Li Moying, trying to move towards the VIP seating as soon as possible.

Li Moying gave a cold harrumph and turned his head back while staring hard at Liu Buyan who had just voiced out.

“Divine Doctor Liu, isn’t your control a little too broad!”

His icy stern gaze and that voice was enough to make many Sky Chart top exponents tremble with fright but yet it totally didn’t affect Liu Buyan at all.

Liu Buyan intentionally laughed, “Controlling a little too broad? Surely not right? As a Senior Brother, I am Little Junior Sister’s senior and on seeing that she’s about to be abducted away by someone else, I just came out to remind her about this so it’s considered as having fulfilled my obligations, no need to thank you!”

Saying that, he even nudged a space out towards the side as he made space for Huang Yueli, “Junior Sister, sit over here, you can see everything clearly right from this spot!”

Huang Yueli nodded her head and walked towards him.

However, she had just wanted to sit down when her eyes turned blurry and a figure scurried out from her back as the butt planted itself onto the seat which Liu Buyan had just made space, and at the same time, he tugged her gently and pulled her into his arms.

Huang Yueli was caught off guard as she fell into Li Moying’s arms, sitting just nicely onto his thigh.

“Hey, what are you doing?” Huang Yueli stared at the man and pushed against his chest, indicating for him to let go.

Li Moying wasn’t very persistent on this as he made her stand up, but he refused to stand up. Moreover that handsome looking face seemed a little gloomy, simply as though it was written with the words, “I am not happy”.

Huang Yueli looked at him and was extremely speechless. Earlier this man still had a happy look on his face, why did it change just within a second!

Wasn’t it just because Liu Buyan had saved her a seat? How big was this matter? Was there a need to be jealous over this?

Li Moying took a look at Luo Jiyun who was seated in a daze right beside him, “Still not getting up, to give your Lil Sister-in-law a seat?”

“Ah? Why ah…. Oh, oh, I’ll give it up right now, give it up right now! Sister-in-law, quickly take a seat! Quickly have a seat!”

Luo Jiyun’s reaction was slower by a beat and after being stared at by Li Moying, he then regained his senses and hastily jumped up, as he wiped the cold sweat off his forehead, while asking Huang Yueli to sit down.

Huang Yueli hurriedly said, “No need, Junior Brother Luo. I’m heading down to collect my prize later on and I won’t be sitting for long so there’s no need to give up the sat for me…”

However, how would Luo Jiyun dare to not listen to his Eldest Senior Brother’s instructions as he ran off as though his butt was on fire.

Li Moying then clasped onto Huang Yueil’s wrist, “I’m giving you two choices, sit beside me or… sit on me!”

Liu Buyan couldn’t help but voiced out, “This is coercing a lady?”

However, Li Moying treated as though he didn’t hear anything as he only cared about looking at his Li’er.