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Chapter 2177: Such low methods! (7)

Moreover, the successful first batch refined was a second level medicinal pill.

The disparity of the both of them were getting wider and anyone was able to tell that Feng Xiaoyan had completely been left in the dust by Huang Yueli, totally unable to compete with her.

Feng Xiaoyan’s hands were shaking from anger and just at this moment, she suddenly realised that Huang Yueli had stopped refining and stooped in front of her medicinal herb basket, not moving for a long time.

Feng Xiaoyan’s thoughts raced quickly. Could it be that Haung Yueli had run into some sort of situation?

Master Zhang also found it weird as there was still an hour more before the end of the competition and now wasn’t the time for her to stop.

He walked over once again and asked, “Young Miss Bai, you…. are you not feeling well?”

Huang Yueli then raised her head and shook it slightly, “No, it’s not that I’m not feeling well. Only… my third level medicinal herbs seem to have finished and the remaining ones are all first and second level medicinal herbs. These medicinal herbs, even if it’s refined into medicinal pills, it might not gain much high points so I feel that I don’t need to waste my effort. Can I request to end earlier?”

“End it earlier??” Master Zhang’s eyes widened, thinking that he had heard her wrongly.

He had been one of the judges in the judging committee for several rounds of Rising Star Competition and this was the first time that he heard anyone saying that they wanted to end the competition earlier!

To the participants, since the competition had set a time limit, they would definitely insist until the end and they would possibly refine even more medicinal herbs. Even though it was a grade lower, it would more or less gain some points.

Perhaps, it might just be those little amounts of points, to determine the different rankings?

However, Master Zhang changed his thoughts and felt that he was wrong.

The young lass in front of him wasn’t someone ordinary and she could even be defined as an unordinary genius! From her current state, within the short duration of time, she had already accumulated to over six hundred over points whereas the number two ranking Feng Xiaoyan had not even passed one hundred points!

This kind of disparity, couldn’t be filled casually!

This really was…. comparing one person against another would really anger one to death!

Hence, under everyone’s attentive gazes, Huang Yueli packed up her own pill furnace and left the competition grounds, leaving onto half a basket of medicinal pills and it was were all first and second level medicinal herbs as the rest of the third level medicinal herbs had been exhausted by her cleanly.

Feng Xiaoyan felt as though a knife was cutting into her heart as she watched her departing figure.

Why? Why did this happen!

Why was it that wretched lass had just used a short period of one month, and she was able to surpass a talented Pill Master like her who had been training since young??

However, no matter how unreconciled she was, there was nothing that she could do.

Huang Yueli waited for Master Shen to announce the end of the competition hence she didn’t leave at all.

She headed towards the VIP seating and from afar, she saw Li Moying walking towards her and that immensely handsome face hung a faint smile.

“Li’er, congratulations! You’re just too incredible!”

Huang Yeuli raised her sharp little chin, “It’s only necessary! Can’t you even tell who This Young Lady is!”

The crowd nearby spat out a mouthful of blood. These words were a little too conceited wasn’t it? They felt like punching the person from hearing those words.

But when it came out of Huang Yueli’s mouth, it actually made those people unable to be convinced!

She had already used her ability to prove to everyone that she had the qualification to be so arrogant and proud!

Li Moying’s heart wavered because it’s exactly at this kind of moment when his Li’er was filled with total charm.