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Chapter 2174: Such low methods! (4)

She was waiting in anticipation to watch how this wretched lass fall. Never in her wildest dream had she expected that despite a firm ninety percent chance of success, all that anticipation amounted to nothing.

In the end, Huang Yueli actually miraculously turned misfortune into blessing, reversing the undesirable situation around.

Not only had she not lost all her face like what Feng Xiaoyan imagined, instead she was in the limelight once again!

Feng Xiaoyan’s body swayed and suddenly, she snuffed a nose piercing charred smell.

Her mind raced quickly and she hurriedly turned her head back to discover that while she was looking at Huang Yueli’s situation, she had not paid any attention to her own pill furnace and right now, her pills had all charred due to the fluctuating temperature!

Feng Xiaoyan patted her pill furnace hard out of anger, “Damn it! Why did it turn out in this state!”

Her cursing wasn’t very soft and when Huang Yueli heard that, she turned her head around and took a look at her then she called out to Master Zhang who was preparing to leave.

“Master Zhang, please wait a moment! There’s something else that I need your help to deal with!”

Master Zhang was stunned as he turned around, “Young Miss Bai, what else can I do for you?”

Master Zhang was originally a goody two shoe elderly man and now his tone towards Huang Yueli, other than amiable, it was also filled with slight reverence.

For a pill refining genius like Huang Yueli with such outstanding innate talent, she probably only needed a few years’ time and she would be able to become a higher ranked Pill Master than him so Master Zhang didn’t dare to put on any airs of a Senior in front of her.

Huang Yueli was being very polite as she said, “Master Zhang, I’d like to ask why did my pill furnace suddenly appear with such a thing like this?”

“What?” Master Zhang had a dazed expression.

Huang Yueli extinguished the deviant flame and stretched her hand towards the bottom of the pill furnace as she picked out a small piece of clear ice crystal gently.

Master Zhang frowned slightly as he was extremely puzzled, “This… is the ice crystal? Weren’t you the one who put in the ice crystal yourself?”

Huang Yueli shook her head, “Of course not! Earlier I was at the last stage of forming the pill and at this moment, I had to put more attention to the intensity of the fire before I can congeal the medicinal effects of the pill totally so any Pill Master with the slightest bit of experience would not possibly lower the temperature of the fire at this moment. Moreover, earlier what I was controlling was merely the most ordinary open flame so even if I needed to lower the temperature, I wouldn’t need to use the ice crystal because I will be able to control it on my own.”

What she said was logical and reasonable and Master Zhang thought about it and indeed verified this reasoning as well.

But in this case, it made one even more befuddled.

“Young Miss Bai, what you mean is that your furnace fire was suddenly extinguished and that wasn’t because of your own operational error, but because a piece of ice crystal had accidentally dropped into the fire entrance? How could such a thing have happened?” Master Zhang said as he frowned.

Huang Yueli gave a composed smile as she said, “The ice crystal doesn’t have any feet, so how could it possibly ‘accidentally’ drop inside?”

What she meant was actually very clear and everyone present instantly responded to what she said.

Momentarily, everyone’s faces hung a surprised expression.

“Young Miss Bai’s meaning, could it be that someone had sneakily thrown a piece of ice crystal beneath her pill furnace?”

“This… how could this be possible? Why did they need to do that?”

“Speaking of this, it’s now in the competition and if anyone couldn’t stand Young Miss Bai being in the lead with so many points and wanted to scheme against her, that isn’t impossible at all! Only thing is, this kind of method is simply too low!”