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Chapter 2160: Like a joke (10)

But now, it seemed as though the lesson which she taught Feng Xiaoyan was still a little too light.

Not only did Feng Xiaoyan not reflect on the mistake which she made, she even dared to continue to hoot at her!

Huang Yueli spoke out calmly, “Young Miss Feng, you ought to get this straight. Your pill furnace exploded and almost ruined my medicinal pills, moreover you almost caused the innocent Master Zhang to be seriously injured! According to regulations, your major disruption to the competition should result in your rights to the competition being disqualified!”

Feng Xiaoyan’s expression suddenly became twisted and along with that black ashened face, she simply looked like a monster.

“You… What rubbish are you sprouting? I know that you’re jealous of my pill refining innate talent and afraid that I will snatch first place with you hence you’re trying to find a way to chase me away from the competition! Wishful thinking! I will absolutely not give up!”

Feng Zhensheng also frowned as he turned towards Huang Yueli and spoke out sternly, “Don’t you dare sprout rubbish! Yan’er’s pill furnace exploded but that wasn’t something she wanted as well. She had suffered such a big shock but still persists on continuing with the competition, so this spirit is something that is worth for all to learn! How can I allow you to splash dirty water on her? This time, on account that you’re Divine Doctor Dai’s disciple, This President will forgive you for this round’s…”

His obvious flipping of black and white words made even the spectators below the stage unable to continue listening as they all booed at him.

“What the, this is the first time I realised that President Feng is actually so shameless. The situation earlier is something that everyone had seen with our own eyes and yet he could still forcibly say that Feng Xiaoyan’s spirit is something that is worth learning from?”

“Isn’t that so? Young Miss Bai saved Feng Xiaoyan but not only did he not say a word of gratitude, he even acted as though he had given her some huge advantage, where did he get his big face from!”

The crowd’s accusations made Feng Zhensheng’s expression change slightly but he still maintained a sanctimonious look.

Feng Xiaoyan’s innate talent was very high and she had always been referred to as the number one talent among the younger generations in the Alchemist Guild. One of the reasons why Feng Zhensheng could become the Alchemist Guild Headquarters President was because of his outstanding daughter.

If this time, Feng Xiaoyan did not pass through the second round because of this, and was disqualified, then his standing in the Alchemist Guild would be affected.

Moreover, Feng Zhensheng had been slapped on the face by Huang Yueli several times hence he couldn’t stand to see her being so glamorous.

The last time Liu Buyan asked him for the Bipolar Black Orchid, he refused to hand it over. If Huang Yueli were to pass through the competition and win it openly, wouldn’t that made him appear comical?

“… Next time, if…. cough cough…..”

Feng Zhensheng still wanted to say more when he felt a tremendous amount of pressure shooting towards him from everyone which made his chest instantly felt a dull pain, as though it was about to explode!

His face turned red as he couldn’t say a single word and he could only open his eyes wide to see Li Moying slowly walking out from Huang Yueli’s back.

A genuine ninth stage realm practitioner’s pressure wasn’t really something that he, a Pill Master could handle?

As Li Moying came closer, Feng Zhensheng’s body seemed as though it had lost control. His feet turned to jelly and he just knelt down right there.

Li Moying’s expression was icy cold as he looked at him from above.

Feng Zhensheng’s body was trembling as it curled up onto the ground, he was scared stiff until his entire body broke out into cold sweat.

He originally thought that no matter how unruly Blue Profound Sect was, there was no way that he would publicly do this, attacking a Pill Grandmaster like him hence he continued to hoot at Huang Yueli with no fear