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Chapter 2154: Like a joke (4)

Thinking to this point, Feng Xiaoyan forcibly calmed herself down and coerced herself to ignore the laughter from the surrounding as she put on a cold face and climbed up again, returning to her own position and held up the pill furnace as she started to light up the flame for the second time.

Bai Ruoli, your good luck will end right now!

At the same time, the crowd around Huang Yueli all started to disperse and it was at this moment when everyone then noticed that Feng Xiaoyan had also refined a tray of medicinal pills.

Amidst the crowd’s astonishment, their gazes kept swimming between the both of them.

“Looks like Feng Xiaoyan isn’t bad as well! Their abilities are both so strong and they have already refined out the first batch of medicinal pills. Looks like in order to come out with the winner and loser, we’d have to see who is able to refine out the second batch of pills!”

“Second batch? What kind of joke is that? Do you know how low the success rate for Pill Masters are? It’s already considered as dog sh*t luck to be able to come out with a successful first batch in this kind of competition, still hoping to come out with the second? Isn’t this akin to day dreaming?”

“That might not be so. I heard that Feng Xiaoyan’s success rate for the Poison Purging Pill almost meets thirty percent and if she has a bit more luck, perhaps she might really be able to refine the second batch! In this way, although Bai Ruoli is in the lead now, it might be Feng Xiaoyan who has a higher possibility of winning!”

Hearing this analysis, the surrounding Pill Masters and spectators all started nodding their heads as they agreed with this very much.

Dai Boqi was seated in the VIP seating area and his listening was very clear as he heard whatever all the others said.

He couldn’t help but sneer as his eyes were filled with disdain, “Really…. frogs in the well! Haven’t they seen a genuine pill refining genius? Continuously refining two batches of second level medicinal pills is like day dreaming? That lass Feng only has a success rate of thirty percent for refining a Poison Purging Pill and yet they have the cheek to say that out loud! And they even felt that her success rate is much higher than Lass Li?”

Dai Boqi had almost been most protective of his own people and when he heard the others saying that he couldn’t win, he felt super discomfited as his eyes popped out while blowing his whiskers.

Liu Buyan understood his Master’s temper as he hurriedly advised, “Master, why are you listening to those fellows with no common sense for? We know clearly how Little Junior Sister’s ability is and by then, they will all find out her prowess!”

Li Moying wasn’t as furious as Dai Boqi as he remained watching Huang Yueli who was in the competitors’ area with a composed look.

The surrounding young ladies seated on the competitors’ seating all turned their heads over to steal glances at that handsome and esteemed Young Sect Master, attempting to send their flirtatious glances at him.

But his gaze was concentrated and that seemingly cold and aloof peach blossomed eyes revealed some brilliant warm glows.

This kind of gaze made one feel envious and jealous and many young ladies secretly gnashed their silver teeth as they all lamented that Huang Yueli was just too lucky in life! Not only did she have a high innate talent, she even had a perfect fiancé! Comparing one person against another really would cause one to die of fury!

In the competitors’ seating, Huang Yueli was focused on controlling her flame as her large eyes kept watching her pill furnace without even blinking. All those comments and gazes around her could not sway her attention for even one second.

When she had refined the first tray of pills earlier, she wasn’t very proficient because it was her first time to refine pills alone without Dai Boqi’s guidance.

In order to ascertain that she was able to succeed at the first attempt, she intentionally slowed down as she cautiously worked through it hence the amount of time she spent was relatively longer.

Now that she had already found out the knack to it, naturally her actions hastened by a bit.

After another quarter of an hour, her second tray of medicinal pills had already entered the stage of formation.