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Chapter 2153: Like a joke (3)

Feng Xiaoyan almost fainted from fury!

Just a moment ago, she was still delighted over the fact that her pill refining speed had become faster again and moreover, the quantity that she had refined had also broken a new record.

But in the end, whoever knew that she was actually just like a joke!

The amount of time that Huang Yueli had used was the same as hers but the pill she refined was a higher levelled Fatigue Relief Pill! Moreover, including the total number of medicinal pills that she had refined, it was one piece more than hers!

This was a total crush in all aspects!

As compared to Huang Yueli, these things that she had refined were totally not worth mentioning at all!

No wonder, no matter if it was Master Zhang who was the judging committee or the spectators present, none of them awarded her with any gaze at all!

But, how was this possible?

Others might not know about this, but just a month ago, she had personally seen Huang Yueli being looked upon by Dai Boqi, to become his direct disciple and at that time, she still didn’t know how to refine pills at all!

No matter how Feng Xiaoyan thought, she was unable to understand and her face was flushed red from this as her hands kept trembling.

She faced her pill furnace and as her hands kept on trembling, lastly, it was all overturned.

The pills in the pill furnace then all rolled over and fell all over the ground, as it started rolling everywhere.

Feng Xiaoyan then regained her senses as her expression took an abrupt change and she hurriedly sprawled onto the ground to search for all of her Poison Purging Pill!

Luckily her pills had all formed into their shapes and although it was stained with quite a bit of dust, but that didn’t have much effect towards the pill’s medicinal effect so it wasn’t considered as too serious.

Only thing was that a Pill Master could actually overturn her own pill furnace so this was an absolutely embarrassing matter.

Feng Xiaoyan had finally gotten what she wished for, to become the focus of everyone’s attention.

But the crowd weren’t focusing on her pills which had been refined, but rather they were all laughing at her for sprawling on the ground, showing that dishevelled look to search for her pills.

When Feng Xiaoyan heard the muffled laughter from the surroundings, she wished no more than to find a hole and stick her head into it as she was both embarrassed and ashamed!

Even more so, she was absolutely because of her jealousy and fury towards Huang Yueli!

This wretched lass, when she was in the Alchemist Guild Headquarters, she totally was an ordinary person without any cultivational innate talent, how was it possible… that she suddenly became so powerful?

This…. was simply a little too ridiculous? Or was it said that she was just pretending back then?

Just at this moment, Huang Yueli’s voice suddenly rang, “Master Zhang, if you’ve seen it all, I’d like to continue with the competition. There;s still around one hour left in this round and I’m thinking that I might be able to try to see if I can refine more pills!”

Master Zhang was stunned but he immediately recalled that earlier Huang Yueli had specially asked him about the awarding of points if they were to refine several trays of medicinal pills.

Even though Master Zhang felt that it was impossible to refine two trays of Fatigue Relief Pills but since the regulation was so, he didn’t say much and merely encouraged Huang Yueli with a few sentences as he left.

Feng Xiaoyan heard their conversation and the flame of jealousy almost rushed to her head but she finally regained a line of clarity.

Right, the second round of competition wasn’t finished yet!

Now she and that wretched lass had actually only exhausted one set of medicinal pills.

Although on the surface, it seemed that the quality and quantity of the pills that she had refined was short of a little against Huang Yueli’s.

But if she was able to refine another tray of medicinal pills, that would be totally two different matters!