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Chapter 2144: Rising star competition begins (2)

The most infuriating matter was that everyone knew that just one month ago, this young lass was still an ordinary human who didn’t know anything at all!

Now even if she had ran into dog sh*t luck and was able to join Divine Doctor Dai’s wing, did that mean that she was able to become a Pill Master in just one month? She was thick enough to come join the Rising Star Competition?

Wasn’t she thinking too highly of herself?

The crowd were discussing this and someone couldn’t help but raise an objection, “Master Shen, Master Zhang, you shouldn’t be throwing the game in such a manner right? I read the regulations on the Rising Star Competition and it clearly stated that only those who had been through the assessment of a first rank Pill Master will be able to join the Competition! This Bai Ruoli, totally doesn’t have a Pill Master badge on her, does she?”

“That’s right, correct! She doesn’t have the qualification to join in the Competition!”

“Not even a first rank Pill Master, what right does she have to join in the fun?”

Quite a number of others started echoing in agreement.

Master Shen was stunned as he turned back and took a look at Dai Boqi before he replied, “This Master, I’m afraid that you haven’t read the regulations carefully right? The last remark states that if there is a recommendation from an eighth rank or above Pill Master, as long as that person is below twenty years old, he or she will be able to take part in the competition. Young Miss Bai has been jointly recommended by Divine Doctor Dai and Divine Doctor Liu, so she meets the regulation.”

When this was told, those protestors were immediately stuffed for words, not even daring to say a single word of rebuttal.

But all of them still had an unreconciled look on their faces.

Master Shen saw that time wasn’t early any longer and he immediately gave a slight cough as he spoke out, “Alright everyone, let’s stop all these leisurely talk. Soaring Heavens Continent’s Pill Master Rising Star Competition will now officially start, let’s welcome President Feng to speak a few words for us!”

Feng Zhensheng walked onto the stage to speak a few words of encouragement.

He was evidently distracted but luckily, these words were just routine so he wouldn’t say the wrong things at all.

Lastly, he didn’t forget to emphasize strongly, “Will all participants please show your true ability and compete against each other! We Alchemist Guild Headquarters’ judging panel will ensure impartiality and fairness. The winner in the Rising Star Competition is definitely the most outstanding Pill Master so it has nothing to do with whatever tutorage that you come from, so everyone please be assured on this!”

The stage below all beckoned out in agreement.

Luo Jiyun’s face immediately blackened as he couldn’t help but grumbled, “What kind of President is this, isn’t he a little too fake? Isn’t he obviously taking a dig at Lil Sister-in-law? If it wasn’t for the fact that the occasion wasn’t right, I’d really like to go up and punch him!”

Li Moying’s icy cold gaze was fixed attentively at the young lady on the competitor’s seating, as he didn’t say a single word.

Liu Buyan gave a cold laugh and said, “Don’t you worry, there’s no need for you to punch him! Wait till he sees Little Junior Sister’s ability then he’d know how foolish he is! By then, I’m afraid that he can’t wait to find a hole and hide inside!”

When Feng Zhensheng got off the stage, the Rising Star Competition then kicked off officially.

Master Shen as the host, announced the first round of competition rules.

According to regulations, as there were a lot of Pill Masters who enrolled for the competition, so the topic for the first round of competition will be comparably much simpler, mainly because to filter a majority of those competitors whose abilities are evidently not enough.

This time round, there was no exception.

“The content of the first round is to arrange the medicinal herbs. Later on, everyone will get a basket of medicinal herbs and these are a mixture of first to third level medicinal herbs. Your mission is to differentiate and rearrange all the different types of medicinal herbs and arrange it according to different attributes and medicinal effects.”