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Chapter 2143: Rising star competition begins (1)

Liu Buyan turned around and spoke to Li Moying, “Let’s go, head over to the spectator seating?”

Li Moying soundlessly lifted his eyes and shot a fleeting glance at him before he walked forward on his own.

After Liu Buyan was swept by that icy cold glance of him, his heart jolted but subsequently, a bitter smile curled up around his lips.

What was there for Li Moying to be angry about? He was the one who wanted to cry alright?

Clarifying that he and Huang Yueli weren’t engaged publicly, was akin to taking a knife to cut his own flesh which gave off waves of blunt pain…

He was extremely envious of Li Moying that lucky fellow, to be able to gain Huang Yueli’s liking…

The few of them followed the attendants to the VIP seating area.

Li Moying and Liu Buyan were engaged in an awkward atmosphere whereas Cang Po Jun and the others didn’t dared to open their mouths as they could only look on straight ahead without looking askance at them.

Only Dai Boqi was standing leisurely around while fiddling with his beard, “That fellow Feng is really terrible! This old man has personally came over but not only did he not welcome me personally, he even allowed his daughter to abuse this old man’s disciple! He pulled that Feng Xiaoyan over to that corner, probably thinking of how to deal with Lass Li later in the competition!”

When Luo Jiyun heard that, he couldn’t help but asked, “Divine Doctor Dai, aren’t you the least worried at all? Earlier I saw the badge pinned in front of that Young Miss Feng’s chest, she seemed to be a third rank Pill Master! Lil Sister-in-law only learnt for ten days, this…”

He scratched his head as he wanted to say something but hesitated.

Although he trusted his own sister-in-law’s ability, but how was learning for that few days going to win her the Rising Star Competition’s championship?

No matter how he thought about it, he just felt that it was a little unrealistic…

Dai Boqi smiled contentedly, “It’s just a third rank Pill Master, and she wants to compete with this old man’s disciple? Hng hng…..”

Luo Jiyun didn’t dare to question further but he was feeling extremely puzzled.

Lil Sister-in-law’s innate talent was also that abnormal in pill refining skills?

It wasn’t only Luo Jiyun alone, who had such puzzlement. Many Pill Masters present were also thinking of the same thing.

Earlier many people recalled who Bai Ruoli was from the conversation that Liu Buyan and Feng Xiaoyan had.

The circle of Pill Masters wasn’t that big and everyone knew that Liu Buyan had once brought a so-called “fiancée” to the Alchemist Guild Headquarters and moreover, that young lady was only a beautiful woman with appearances but had no pill refining innate talent at all.

As for the matter where Haung Yueli got acquainted to Dai Boqi later on, it was intentionally concealed by Feng Zhensheng father-daughter duo so the impression of Pill Masters towards Huang Yueli still remained as a vase.

On seeing Huang Yueli really seated on the competitor’s seating, the competition grounds exploded instantly.

“What’s the situation? That… that Bai Ruoli, she’s actually Divine Doctor Dai’s disciple?? Since when had Divine Doctor Dai taken in a disciple?”

“This… simply unprincipled! My pill refining innate talent is so good but yet I can’t even get to become Diving Doctor Dai’s disciple, on what basis does she have to become Divine Doctor Dai’s direct disciple?”

“It is definitely because of Divine Doctor Liu’s face? Surely she can’t really have any pill refining innate talent right?”

“Absolutely not! She must have resorted to some underhanded methods!”

Among these people, quite a number of them have attended Divine Doctor Dai’s apprentice selection and none of them were able to enter Dai Boqi’s eye. In the end, it was a seemingly useless young lass who became Dai Boqi’s closed door disciple?

This was simply outrageous!