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Chapter 2103: Acting cute and coquettish (8)

No matter how Huang Yueli pondered over this, she was still unable to find any leads.

In her impression, the number of strong exponents who were powerful enough to do so to such an extend in Soaring Heavens Continent, was only Mu Chengying.

However, Mu Chengying would definitely not do anything to harm her, so the mystery behind who was the mastermind had indeed turned into a riddle.

Huang Yueli sat for a while alone for a while more before she kept away the book and returned to the bedroom at the back.

Li Moying hadn’t awoken yet but he seemed to have realised subconsciously that his little fiancée had already walked off hence he hadn’t been able to sleep in peace, as he kept turning around and spoke out in his dream, but due to the calming medication of Dai Boqi’s, he wasn’t able to wake up.

After Huang Yueli laid down on the bed, Li Moying quickly came close to her. Although his eyes were still shut, but his arms had precisely wrapped around her slender waist and locked her tightly into his arms tightly.

After completing this action, Li Moying then finally quieten down as his head leaned against Huang Yueli’s shoulder and not too long later, he stopped moving and fell into deep sleep.

Huang Yueli was already accustomed to that man’s stickiness and although she was hugged in this way, rendering her immovable and it was a little uncomfortable, but she felt exceptionally secure and not too long later, she too fell into dreamland.

On the second day, after Li Moying woke up, he had indeed recovered by quite a lot.

But Dai Boqi was still extremely dissatisfied with him casually making a move to fight as he kept nagging at him for close to two hours.

Li Moying’s innate nature was arrogant and if it was someone else who said this to him, he would have stopped listening long ago but seeing that Huang Yueli was just seated next to him, with a vicious and fierce pair of eyes staring right at him, he didn’t dare to be rash as he could only listen to Old Master Dai’s lecture, finally getting away only after half a day.

When Dai Boqi left, Huang Yueli continued unyieldingly as she emphasized, “Have you remembered all those that my Master had said?”

Li Moying took a look at her as his brows rose, “Li’er, regarding yesterday’s matter, I haven’t even settled it with you yet! Why, are you trying to shift the attention away and push the blame onto me?”

Huang Yueli was stunned as she had not expected this man to be so sensitive, even discovering her little plan!

She was afraid that Li Moying would pursue relentlessly about the matter when she caused herself to fall into a detrimental situation and intended to gain the initiative by striking first, to settle the debt with Li Moying first!

But even if she were found out by her fiancé, she wouldn’t just admit defeat so easily.

Huang Yueli raised her chin as she spoke in an arrogant tone, “Settle the debt? You still dare to settle the debt with me? Who’s the boss in our family?”

Li Moying’s expression sunk as he locked onto her waist and pulled her into his arms, “You can make decisions on all other matters but yesterday you actually allowed yourself to befall into such a dangerous scenario! Do you know that when I saw Chi Xiao Jiu laying his hands on you, I was so scared that my heart almost stopped beating?”

Huang Yueli felt a little guilty but she was still reluctant to admit her mistake as she said, “Relax, Chi Xiao Jiu will absolutely not kill me! After all, his idea was to exchange me for the Purified Branch… moreover speaking yesterday I heard a very important news, let me tell you…..”

Thinking about the insider information which she had eavesdropped on yesterday, she suddenly got excited.

Li Myoing’s expression suddenly turned even uglier, “You still feel that you’ve done right? Really…. needs a lecture!”

Huang Yueli blinked her watery large eyes and failed to understand the meaning in his words.

Li Moying clasped his fingers on her lower jaw and lifted her pointy little chin.