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Chapter 2102: Acting cute and coquettish (7)

“Who knows, they might even find trouble with you! Moreover, it would also inevitably affect our investigation which we are conducting secretly.”

When Ye Xing Hua heard that, he was then enlightened as he broke out in cold sweat, “So that’s the reason, it’s all thanks to Master for the reminder, otherwise I might have committed a grave mistake!”

Huang Yueli shook her hands as she said, “No matter, you are merely being respectful towards President Jiang and wanted to do a little something for him. If possible, I’d also like to conduct it like what you said, but too bad…”

She sighed and continued, “Pick a good day to allow President Jiang to be buried and rest in peace and by then, I will personally send him off as well!”

After Ye Xing Hua left, Huang Yueli took out the notebook which President Jiang left behind and flipped it over and again, looking at it several times.

The more she read, the more shocked her heart felt.

Although she had already knew that the Sky Phoenix Ring was a God Relic and moreover, among the God Relics, it was an extremely outstanding treasure but there was no way that she could have ever thought that this palm sized jade actually had such a huge influence!

Ancient god clan Sacred Phoenix Race, using all the strength from their clan to refine this… moreover they also casted a living Phoenix God Race into the refinement…

Just thinking of the scene when the God Relic was initially refined, it was enough to shake one to the core.

Moreover, according to her current situation, the minute the Sky Phoenix Ring had acknowledged its Master, the Sky Phoenix Ring’s soul trace would then be merged together with its Master.

Back then, the Clan Leader of the Sacred Phoenix Race, he was definitely the first owner of the Sky Phoenix Ring and after he was killed, even his inherent fated God Relic was shattered and dropped into the lower realm, so just what kind of earth shattering battle was that?

She started to wonder what exactly happened in God Realm back then…

Huang Yueli shut her eyes slightly, as she imagined the image at that time when she suddenly seemed to have recalled something as her eyes abruptly opened wide.

“Right, the conversation between Chi Xiao Jiu and Ling Qing Yu today seemed to have mentioned the Sky Phoenix Ring! They said that they were out to harm and kill me back then, was because of “That Sire’s” instigation and the motive was….. the Sky Phoenix Ring in my possession?”

“Speaking of this, although the power of the Sky Phoenix Ring is indeed powerful, but its history is so mysterious that even I am unable to activate it that year so even if other people were so insistent to snatch it, it was originally a strange matter itself. Looks like the main instigator behind the scenes definitely knows the history of the Sky Phoenix Ring and also knew that I had in my possession what kind of universally shocking God Relic, hence they tried ways and means to snatch it!”

“Since he could instigate Ling Qing Yu and Chi Xiao Jiu these kind of top exponents with such status, then activating those ninth stage realm top experts who dealt with President Jiang naturally isn’t some difficult matter. President Jiang is on close terms with me so they definitely think that since they weren’t able to find the Sky Phoenix Ring on me after I self-exploded, they assumed that I had left the item to President Jiang hence they went to find trouble for him… Ye Xing Hua also mentioned that these ninth stage realm top experts had all gone there to look for something…”

“Right, it must be so… this time round, everything has linked up! What they wanted to find, was the Sky Phoenix Ring!”

Huang Yueli clapped her hands hard, as she revealed a delighted expression.

This riddle had been bothering her for a very long time and she totally had no idea even after racking her brains but today, on seeing President Jiang’s notebook, she finally had some leads.

But very quickly, she had a new puzzlement, “But who exactly is “That Sire” whom Ling Qing Yu and the others mentioned? He has the ability to control Ling Qing Yu and Chi Xiao Jiu and even knows about the ancient God Relic Sky Phoenix Ring… who on earth is able to do this?”