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Chapter 2095: Aren’t you a little too wild! (6)

In this way, Chi Xiao Jiu’s face, had dropped even more.

Li Moying’s words were like a hard slap across his face, which made a resounding slapping sound!

Not only had he determined that he wasn’t Cang Po Jun’s match, furthermore even letting him off was on account of Huang Yueli’s face.

As though only that year when Huang Yueli was managing Mythical Flame Palace was worth Blue Profound Sect’s equal treatment but when it was him Chi Xiao Jiu’s turn, it was totally not worth mentioning at all!

This was simply the greatest disdain and slightness they had towards him!

Chi Xiao Jiu wanted to flare up on the spot but at the instance before he opened his mouth, he happened to meet with Cang Po Yu’s eyes.

His heart jolted hard as he revealed that Cang Po Yu’s Sky Chart ranking was immediately following his and the disparity between their abilities were almost on par.

Not to mention, coupled with Cang Po Jun and the unknown depths of Li Moying… if he were to continue provoking them, then he would definitely be beaten viciously by then!

Chi Xiao Jiu was stuffed for words as his face turned into a pig liver colour.

Li Moying did not even bother to spare him another glance, merely waving his sleeve and turned as he left.

Cang Po Jun and Cang Po Yu immediately followed behind him.

Huang Yueli had also slipped into a little jog out of her hiding place and leaned closed next to Li Moying as her big eyes were sparkling bright, almost short of turning into heart shapes!

“Moying, darling, you’re so awesome, so suave, so…”

Before she could finish her words, Li Moying stretched out his arm and pinched her face, “Stop acting cute! You’d better think about how you’re going to explain to me later! I just let you make a payment but you ran about, hmm?”

The man’s gaze was slightly frosty, which was a rare occasion where he showed a face to her.

Huang Yueli immediately went soft as she crossed her fingers and lowered her head like a little wife following behind him, fingers still wrestling his sleeve.

Li Moying’s brows rose and that solemn expression remained unchanged, but there was a sliver of laughter beneath his eyes.

Cang Po Jun and the others saw it very clearly from the back and were all silently sighing, Grandmaster Huang really had a way with their Sovereign. Earlier when Sovereign saw the lifesaving signal, that expression of his looked extremely clear that he was about to kill someone but now, his mood had been calmed down by Grandmaster Huang with a few mere sentences…

Blue Profound Sect’s group of people left the Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild.

The spectators crowded around realised that there was no more show to watch and all of them started to leave as well.

But the gaze which everyone shot towards Chi Xiao Jiu before they left made him started to shake all over!

If this could be tolerated, what could not be!

“Li Moying… just you wait and see! Did you thought that This Seat would be afraid of a young lad like you?”

Ling Qing Yu walked over as she frowned, “What should we do now? The both of them had slipped once again!”

Chi Xiao Jiu turned back his head abruptly as he stared at her fiercely and barked out sharply, “It’s all your fault! Earlier when This Seat had been challenged by Cang Po Jun, why didn’t you stand out?”

He vented his anger on Ling Qing Yu for no reason and she was extremely angry as well, “I’m merely at ninth stage realm eighth level potential so how am I going to fight against you guys in the Sky Chart? You yourself don’t know how to examine the situation and insisted on clashing with them thus casing yourself to turn out in such a state, what does it have to do with me?”

“Why does it not related to you? Now that Li Moying and Bai Ruoli has escaped, where are we going to look for the Purified Branch?” Chi Xiao Jiu laughed coldly.

When Ling Qing Yu heard this, her brows creased and a worried expression was reflected on her face.

“From today’s situation, it indeed isn’t wise… recently in the past few years, those Blue Profound Sect’s disciples out there seldom has such strong attitudes and even you as Mythical Flame Palace’s Palace Lord have been humiliated by him to such a state.”