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Chapter 2096: Acting cute and coquettish (1)

“This situation, seems like…..” Ling Qing Yu was hesitant in her words.

Chi Xiao Jiu urged, “Seems like that? What’s there to not be able to say out straight?”

Ling Qing Yu sighed and said, “From the looks of this, perhaps the news of Mu Chengying coming out of seclusion isn’t a rumour! If this wasn’t so, how would Cang Po Jun and the others have such confidence?”

When Chi Xiao Jiu heard that, his expression also changed in an instance.

Mu Chengying’s name, to practitioners of this age like his, was simply like the existence of a living nightmare!

Back then that year, under his suppression, many practitioners didn’t dare to revolt and there was practically no one who dared to strive against Blue Profound Sect!

Even if they were “that Sire’s” men, they also had restraining fear towards Mu Chengying.

If Mu Chengting really had come out of his closed door in one piece and his ability had improved, that was simply everyone’s nightmare!

Moreover, Chi Xiao Jiu was extremely clear on just how powerful Mu Chengying was back then.

If Mu Chengying was really fine, and if Celestial Heavens Sect and Mythical Flame Palace really went over to ask for the Purified Branch thereby infuriating him, then their consequences… would absolutely be extremely miserable! Perhaps it might be even worse that that Sire’s punishment!

Thinking of this, Chi Xiao Jiu’s body shook and shivered and only after some time did he speak out in a low tone, “This… This is merely only a guess! Perhaps this bunch of Blue Profound Sect people are merely putting up a bravado! Perhaps… perhaps they are only acting, trying to scared us…..”

Ling Qing Yu shook her head, “Perhaps! But hopefully, everything is as what you said… otherwise, we will be pushed into a position where we cannot advance nor retreat, and I’m afraid…”

Chi Xiao Jiu’s eyes also flashed past a sliver of terror.

Blue Profound Sect’s group swiftly left Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild and returned to the Snow Cloud Sky Ship.

The next moment after they boarded the ship, Li Moying’s body swayed.

Huang Yueli had been observing him and on seeing him like this, she immediately rushed over to support him.

However, Li Moying seemed as though half of his energy had been sucked dry as a majority of his body weight was pressing down onto her.

Huang Yueli anxiously looked over, “Moying, you… are you alright? You… has your illness acted up again? Are you feeling giddy?”

Li Moying leaned against her shoulder and spoke out softly, “No… No matter, just a little giddy…..”

Huang Yueli bit her lips, “You… your complexion is terrible and you still say it’s alright! No, you’d.. you’d better hurry and lie straight…”

Saying that, she clasped her hand around Li Moying’s waist and using strength, she directly lifted Li Moying vertically and swiftly ran into the cabin inside the Snow Cloud Sky Ship.

Cang Po Jun and the others who were following behind them were all dumbstruck.

They originally wanted to hurry over to help but whoever knew that Huang Yueli actually carried Li Moying first.

Although it was said that towards a practitioner with such cultivation like Huang Yueli, carrying a grown man was practically effortless.

But… this scenario, no matter how they saw it, it just felt extremely weird.

Their overbearing and powerful Sovereign, was actually lifted into a Princess hug by his own woman?

Cang Po Jun and the others’ lips were all twitching, not knowing how to react.

Just as this moment, an icy cold gaze swept past them and the few of them lifted their heads just in time to meet with Li Moying’s frigid cold peach blossom eyes.

The few of them were shocked and lowered their heads, not daring to take another look recklessly.

At the same time, all of them were crying out bitterly in their hearts that this was really called running into bad luck. They had caught sight of Sovereign’s embarrassing sight and by the time he recovers, would he murder and eliminate them?