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Chapter 2094: Aren’t you a little too wild! (5)

“Compensate?” Chi Xiao Jiu laughed exaggeratedly, “Lad, aren’t you thinking too highly of yourself! Just based on your current conditions and you wish to talk terms with This Seat, you’re still far away! If you have the ability, then get Mu Chengying to come talk to me personally!”

His words were totally immodest, totally not showing Li Moying any face.

Li Moying himself was not affected much but Cang Po Jun was so angry that he stood out.

“Palace Lord Chi, you’re too discourteous towards our Young Sect Master! Mythical Flame Palace’s spirit really makes one sit up and notice. Since that’s the case, I would like to have a try…”

Chi Xiao Jiu’s expression changed slightly upon hearing that.

He originally was not Cang Po Jun’s match and now that he had suffered a not too light internal injury, he was absolutely going to lose.

But he was after all the Lord of a Palace and if he was challenged by a Guardian by Cang Po Jun and not daring to take it up, if word of this spread, then it would simply be too embarrassing for him.

He could only brace himself as he forcibly debated, “What’s the meaning in this? You Blue Profound Sect only knows how to use martial strength to solve this problem? Just because you can’t win me and words then you’re intending to take action?”

Cang Po Jun laughed as he said, “How should I put Palace Lord Chi’s words? Our Sovereign had expressed that Blue Profound Sect is a large Sect whose play a decisive role in Soaring Heavens Continents and if we go outside, we will always talk reason when we can…”

Chi Xiao Jiu had just heaved a sigh of relief when he heard Cang Po Jun continuing, “…. But when we can’t talk reasonably, then we should just take immediate action and stop the nonsense! Otherwise wouldn’t it be just throwing Blue Profound Sect’s face?”

Chi Xiao Jiu’s expression turned paler still.

Moreover, the consecutive explosions that had happened earlier was rather huge and it resulted in more and more people crowding around to watch the bustle.

On seeing that quite a number of large powerhouses’ practitioners appearing in the surroundings, the more Chi Xiao Jiu could not get off the stage.

No matter if it was under Blur Profound Sect’s coercion to back down or if he was defeated by Cang Po Jun on the spot, it would all made Mythical Flame Palace’s reputation go down the drain.

Seeing that Chi Xiao Jiu not speaking for a long time, quite a number of spectators came around it and were discussing privately.

“What happened earlier? Why have Blue Profound Sect and Mythical Flame Palace’s people started arguing? From the looks of this situation, could it be that Palace Lord Chi does not dare to take up the challenge?”

“That’s only natural? Guardian Jun is ranked Sixth on the Sky Chart while Palace Lord Chi is only ranked Twentieth so the disparity in ability is there. Moreover, from the looks of Palace Lord Chi, he seems to be injured so the result is imaginable!”

“But to be challenged by someone and yet not daring to take up the challenge, it is also very embarrassing!”

“Isn’t that so? Oh, too bad. Back then when Grandmaster Huang was still alive, Mythical Flame Palace was extremely glorious so how would they possibly end up like the current state, not winning in auction and now not even daring to take up the challenge… it’s just too embarrassing!”

Chi Xiao Jiu’s expression grew uglier by the minute and wanted to accept the challenge without considering about the consequences when he heard Li Moying’s voice rang.

“Forget it, Guardian Jun, let’s head back. No matter what, Palace Lord Chi is Grandmaster Huang’s Senior Brother. He Chi Xiao Jiu being embarrassed is a small matter but if Mythical Flame Palace’s reputation is marred, then it would be my guilt! On account of Grandmaster Huang’s face, let’s give them a way out today!”

Cang Po Jun was stunned, apparently a little surprised.

But he still listened to Li Moying’s command without any hesitation as he took a few step backwards and returned next to Li Moying.

“You… You guys.. when did This Seat ever needed you all to give me a way out? Let’s complete, get back here right now!”

However, Cang Po Jun didn’t even took a look at him.