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Chapter 2093: Aren’t you a little too wild! (4)

Moreover speaking, the Guardians were all ninth stage realm top exponents on the Sky Chart and their cultivations were all above Li Moying’s!

Guardians with this kind of status and positions were able to challenge the position of Sovereigns in any Sect.

For example like Chi Xiao Jiu in Mythical Flame Palace, he was being restrained by many Elders hence resulting in him not being able to do as he desired.

In Blue Profound Sect, there was Mu Chengying who had top exponents like Cang Po Jun, Cang Po Yu work for him.

From what Ling Qing Yu thought, Li Moying had merely just been taken in under Mu Chengying’s wing and although he bore the name of Young Sect Master, but it was just day dreaming if he wanted to order a person who helmed real power like Cang Po Jun!

This kind of person would only serve his allegiance towards Mu Chengying alone so how could he possibly show Li Moying any face at all?

However, the truth had surpassed her imagination.

When Cang Po Jun bowed, that kind of prudence and reverence was something which no one would be mistaken about.

Simply…. as though he was facing Mu Chengying himself…

Ling Qing Yu could not help but creased her brows, somehow feeling that something wasn’t quite right. Could it be that this Young Sect Master actually had such an ability? It had merely been a few months’ time and he had already subdued Mu Chengying’s Three Guardians?

Li Moying looked at Cang Po Jun and lifted his hand, “No matter, you came just in time. Li’er is alright?”

Cang Po Jun hurriedly replied, “Young Miss Bai is fine, Third Brother is accompanying here right there!”

Li Moying nodded his head without any intention of blaming them.

After all, they were late not because of their responsibility. Earlier when he swathe lifesaving signal which Huang Yueli had sent out, he mind totally went blank and could not be bothered to consider about anything else as he immediately chose to run over here.

His footwork was extremely swift and although the Three Guardians’ cultivations were above his, but they weren’t able to chase up to him as they were left behind in the dust.

Cang Po Jun observed Li Moying’s complexion and on seeing that his expression seemed a little haggard, he hurriedly said, “Young Sect Master, Sovereign is still waiting for us to return back! The sky is turning dark soon so let’s hurry back to the Sect!”

Li Moying nodded his head but did not immediately moved, instead he shot his gaze towards Chi Xiao Jiu.

Chi Xiao Jiu had already climbed up from the floor with blood spilling out from the corner of his lips. In combination with the scratches which the big cat had caused on his head, he looked extremely dishevelled.

When he saw Cang Po Jun and the others, he was also dazed as he could not say a single word for a long time.

“You… all of you… this…”

Li Moying spoke out in a cold voice, “Palace Lord Chi, earlier I’ve already said this. Injuring my fiancée, you’d better think about how to give Blue Profound Sect an explanation?”

“This…..” Chi Xiao Jiu’s tongue was tied.

On seeing Cang Po Jun and the others’ attitudes towards Li Moying, he understood that he had really underestimated Li Moying this time round and also underestimated his position in Blue Profound Sect!

However, he was a Palace Lord after all and there were still Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild’s men who were secretly watching them so how could he possible beg a junior for mercy?

Chi Xiao Jiu gave a cold humph as he spoke out in a strange tone, “Blue Profound Sect is indeed arrogant enough! Still trying to question This Seat for some explanation? This wretched lass was eavesdropping on us first but you have so many people protecting her so consider it This Seat’s bad luck today! But we Mythical Flame Palace would not give up just like this. This debt, we will get it back from you sooner or later!”

When Li Moying heard that, his face still retained a composed expression as he merely nodded, “In this way, Palace Lord Chi is set on the intention and not willing to compensate our Sect for the losses incurred?”