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Chapter 2088: Capture her! (5)

Only thing was, as compared to a ninth stage realm peak practitioner like Chi Xiao Jiu, they just weren’t enough.

Moreover speaking, Chi Xiao Jiu was Mythical Flame Palace’s Palace Lord and his status was extremely high, which made everyone look up towards him.

The guards originally came in an aggressive manner, thinking to teach the people who were creating havoc a lesson but in the end on seeing Chi Xiao Jiu, their aggressiveness immediately got pushed down.

“Ah, so it’s Palace Lord Chi! Greetings to Palace Lord Chi, may I ask what are you…. doing here? And… these buildings… this…”

Chi Xiao Jiu casually explained, “My apologies, This Seat’s disciple is really uncontrollable and This Seat wanted to teach her a lesson but I’ve not expected that I’ve mishandled it and damaged your buildings. Can I trouble you to convey my apologies to President Wen and to inform him that the damages that we’ve caused, Mythical Flame Palace will be responsible for the compensation.”

As his attitude was rather good, the guards didn’t dare to say anything as they hurriedly replied, “Yes, yes, we will definitely convey this message so Palace Lord Chi please do ahead. We shall take our leave first…”

When Huang Yueli saw that they were about to leave, she hurriedly cried out, “Wait! Don’t leave! I’m not from Mythical Flame Palace, it’s Palace Lord Chi who wants to abduct….. mmph!”

“Shut your mouth!”

Huang Yueli had not completed her sentence when Chi Xiao Jiu immediately reacted and howled at her in a flabbergasted manner. At the same time, he raised his hand and stuck out a burst of Profound Energy towards her chest!

Luckily, Huang Yueli was long prepared and she vigorously turned her body and barely avoided this heavy strike but when the violent fire attributed Profound Energy brushed past her shoulder, it still grazed her skin, causing her to bleed.

When the guards heard the commotion, their footsteps took a pause and they subconsciously turned to look towards Huang Yueli’s side.

Huang Yueli had bided a few times in the auction earlier and her voice was exceptionally melodious which made one had a lasting impression, so it made the guards felt a little familiar.

But they didn’t dare to believe it totally, that the person who was trapped by Chi Xiao Jiu and the other was Bai Ruoli.

After all, that was Blue Profound Sect Young Sect Master’s fiancée! Although Chi Xiao Jiu and Ling Qing Yu were important figures in both Sacred Lands, but to publicly make a move on Blue Profound Sect was just simply too bold! Mu Chengying had just come out of his closed door cultivation!

The guards looked at each other in dismay and one of them couldn’t help but asked carefully, “Palace Lord Chi, this… may I ask who is that person whom you are trying to catch? Her voice sounds like a young lady? She seems quite pitiful… what offence had she committed, to actually… offend Palace Lord Chi to fly into such a huge rage?”

When Huang Yueli cried out, Chi Xiao Jiu reacted swiftly and not only did he made a move to coerce her to shut her mouth, at the same time Ling Qing Yu had also moved to the front of Huang Yueli and blocked her using her back so that the guards do not see her face.

At this moment, the guards stretched out their necks trying to see the person behind her but her figure was too indistinct causing them to not see her clearly.

Chi Xiao Jiu’s gaze flashed when he saw that he gave a cold humph.

Suddenly, his Profound Energy was unleashed and a powerful aura neared those few guards.

The guards potential simply could not match up to his and they instantly could not take it as their faces appeared rather disheveled.

Chi Xiao Jiu saw they retreating and spoke out coldly, “Gentlemen…. Aren’t you asking a little too broad! I Chi Xiao Jiu is teaching my Mythical Flame Palace’s disciples, do I have to allow you to investigate to no end?”

He had been Mythical Flame Palace’s Palace Lord for ten over years and had been in this position for a long time so now that he show the stance of a Palace Lord, the might was extremely huge.

The few guards were instantly awed and none of them dared to continue questioning.