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Chapter 2087: Capture her! (4)

When she heard that, she cried out ‘not good!’ in her heart.

The thunder flame balls that she had unleashed out earlier, had secretly added a lifesaving signal in between and after it was thrown into the sky, she attempted to use the thunder flame ball’s bright light and intense fire to conceal the strange happening as the signal was sent in space.

Whoever knew that a wily old fox like Chi Xiao Jiu had extremely vicious eyesight as this didn’t escaped his eyes.

Earlier, Huang Yueli risked her life to kept dragging matters on just so that she could drag more time, allowing Li Moying and the others to come by to save her.

Now, she wasn’t sure if Li Moying and the others had discovered her lifesaving signal and just how far were they from this place?

Huang Yueli was feeling extremely anxious but she didn’t reveal any semblance of fluster on her face as she continued to hang an innocent and terrified look on her face.

“Palace Lord Chi, this…. let’s talk things over nicely…”

“Talk things over nicely?” Chi Xiao Jiu sneered, “When you were raising the price against This Seat, why didn’t you know how to talk things over nicely? Now that you’ve fallen into This Seat’s hands, don’t even dream of escaping! This Seat shall let you know what is called living worse than death!”

Ling Qing Yu saw the obvious murderous intent revealing from his body as she couldn’t helped but frowned in silence.

“Palace Lord Chi, this…. is Blue Profound Sect’s men after all, it’s better that we show her some mercy, at the very least don’t kill her?”

Chi Xiao Jiu turned his head back and threw her a look as he sneered, “Eldest Young Miss Ling, whose side are you on? Originally, we were about to head to Blue Profound Sect and as Mu Chengying for the Purified Branch but now, capturing this lass is just nice. We don’t even need to go over to Levitation Sword Palace and just abduct her directly, making that good disciple of Mu Chengying’s hand over the Purified Branch! From how much that lad adores this fiancée of his, I believe… he will be willing to use the Purified Branch to exchange for this wretched lass’s life!”

When Ling Qing Yu heard that, she couldn’t help but nod, “Palace Lord Chi’s idea is indeed awesome!”

“Enough, stop the nonsense! Business comes first!”

Chi Xiao Jiu waved his hand and an Immortal Binding Rope appeared in his hand as he walked up to tie her up.

When Huang Yueli heard his words, cold sweat kept dripping.

She had not expected Chi Xiao Jiu’s intentions to be so malicious, even with the thoughts of abducting her to exchange for the Purified Branch!

In this way, all the more she could not be caught by the both of them, otherwise by the time Li Moying rushed over, he would definitely not hesitate to hand over the Purified Branch to exchange for her!

It had been difficult for her to obtain such a scarce medicinal herb and was just waiting for it to save Li Moying’s life. If it was snatched away by these two fellows here, wouldn’t it had been a waste of all her effort?

Huang Yueli clenched her teeth and decided to risk exposing her identity, to escape from this place.

Just at this very moment, a sharp cry was heard coming from not too far away.

“What’s going on here? Who is creating trouble at Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild, even wrecking such extensive damages to the buildings here!”

“Where do you think the Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild is, to actually show such impudence right here!”

Huang Yueli’s brows twitched, realising that Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild’s men had been alarmed by the commotion here and were rushing over to check on the situation, which was a possible chance to escape…

She immediately gave up the intention to take action as she was on high alert, just waiting for a chance.

Chi Xiao Jiu had not expected Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild’s men to appear at this moment as he cursed silently before turning back.

“It’s This Seat who is teaching my Sect’s disciples but I’ve not expected to cause such a huge commotion, I’m really sorry for that.”

The people who rushed over were all first ranked bodyguards of the Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild and their cultivations were all at eight stage realm.

In Sky Emperor City, they were considered to be outstanding top exponents.