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Chapter 2081: Mastermind behind the scenes (4)

Ling Qing Yu wasn’t some easy going person as well and on seeing Chi Xiao Jiu pressing close, she quickly found a reason and pushed the responsibility onto Chi Xiao Jiu instead.

However, Chi Xiao Jiu was neither hurried nor flustered, “Looks like we both feel that the other party is at fault! How about this, later on when we return to the underground shrine, we shall tell that Lord our own reasons and I wonder if that Lord will feel that it’s your responsibility or is it mine?”

Hearing that, Ling Qing Yu’s tone suddenly changed, “You….. you dare! If this matter were to be disclosed, you will also be severely punished! Don’t assume that you can get out of this unscathed!”

Chi Xiao Jiu gave a cold laugh, “Why not.. let’s try and see?”

Hearing Chi Xiao Jiu say that, Ling Qing Yu’s heart was filled with terror.

All those people who were helping that Lord to do work, all know how malicious “his methods” were and if they really angered that Lord…. Her life might be unable to be sustained!

At this very moment, Ling Qing Yu had regretted it for the ten thousandth time on why she was possessed back then, in order to get rid of Huang Yueli, she actually chose to cooperate with that Lord…..

But now, she was already stuck in a difficult position!

Moreover she didn’t needed to delve in deeply to know that if Chi Xiao Jiu and her held their own statements over to that Lord, Chi Xiao Jiu might have some kind of evidence on his hands so by then, she might really be finished!

Thinking of this, Ling Qing Yu shuddered and coerced herself to calm down, as her attitude towards Chi Xiao Jiu instantly underwent a change.

“Palace Lord Chi, why must you do this? For so many years, we have maintained the relationship of partners and you had also once asked for my hand at Celestial Heavens Gate so why must you fall out with me and become hostile over such a small matter?”

Chi Xiao Jiu gave a cold humph, “Small matter? Do you know just how important the Purified Branch is to that Lord! Now that the item has fallen into the hands of Blue Profound Sect, what should we do now?”

Ling Qing Yu subconsciously understood the seriousness of this matter as her expression turned grave.

Actually earlier during that auction, she had indeed wavered for a short moment because she heard that young lass in Number Six cabin saying that the Purified Branch was something that Mu Chengying wanted so she was distracted for a short moment then considering the fact that they indeed didn’t had enough money hence she wanted to give up on the auction.

Now that she had calmed down and thought through it, earlier she was still able to make President Wen extend the grace period for her so that she would be able to find ways to raise the money.

Various powerhouses which took part in the annual auction were all working for that Lord so if she used that Lord’s name, acquiring tens of billions to fight Blue Profound Sect to the end was not totally impossible…

However, now that things were already in Li Moying’s hands…..

Ling Qing Yu also didn’t knew what she should do.

Chi Xiao Jiu’s thoughts were much more vicious than hers, “Forget it, since things have come to a such a pass, there’s only one way left and that’s for us to go over to Blue Profound Sect personally to look for Mu Chengying and get the Purified Branch back!”

Ling Qing Yu was stunned as her eyes suddenly opened wide in astonishment.

“You… what did you say? You want to go to Blue Profound Sect and look for Sovereign Mu to get the Purified Branch?”

Seeing Chi Xiao Jiu nodding his head, Ling Qing Yu’s heart was even more shocked.

“You… are you insane? That Lord might be scary but if Sovereign Mu is really angered, he is much terrifying by that Lord by a hundred times more! You actually dare to get something from his hands? Could it be that just because Sovereign Mu had gone into closed door seclusion for so long that you’ve forgotten his heroic deeds back then, just what kind of tricky and inconstant methods had he undertaken?”