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Chapter 2066: Rake in a fortune again (8)

“This…. this is so much money! Why would President Wen give President Ye so much money!”

Huang Yueli looked at him as though she was looking at an idiot, “You fellow, don’t you know how to count your debts at all?”

“Think about it, what kind of status does Chi Xiao Jiu have? He said that Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild is cheating and although everyone present knows who is right and who is wrong, but if this kind of matter spreads out and when other people all add their own ingredients into this, it will definitely affect Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild’s reputation. The only way is for him to admit defeat on the spot, which will then ensure that Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild’s thousands of years of reputation would not be damaged.”

“I asked Ye Xing Hua to do him such a big favour, shouldn’t they come out with 3 billion high grade spirit stones? Moreover speaking, if it wasn’t for me, would that Ardent Cloud Sword be sold at such a heavenly price earlier? At most it would be sold for nine hundred million! After giving me 3 billion, their Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild still gained 1.1 billion, they’ve earned a lot!”

“What? Earned?” Luo Jiyun was totally swooned by this explanation which sounded logical, hence he was feeling dazed.

Even after Huang Yueli finally kept the black crystal card, he still sat there like a stone sculpture, totally not moving at all.

Huang Yueli shook her head as she couldn’t be bothered with him, and continued to lower her head to look at the auction catalogue in her hands.

Suddenly, a little shota’s tender voice surfaced within her mind, “Let me out, let this little Lord out!”

Little Phoenix patted his wings as it banged against the walls of the Sky Phoenix Ring, giving off banging sounds.

Huang Yueli’s train of thoughts switched and she saw a totally red little phoenix flying past her eyes, as it landed onto the ground.

Little Phoenix’s bulk, as compared to when Huang Yueli lost her memories, had increased by a circle and now it looked about the size of half a mother hen, but as compared to ordinary little mother hens, it was much fatter.

Previously when Huang Yueli was drugged by Liu Buyan, she drank a lot of nerve numbing medication thereby causing memory loss and her soul trace also suffered an extremely large damage, as her five senses were weakened drastically.

As the strength of her soul trace wasn’t enough, her connection with the Sky Phoenix Ring was hence broken off.

Little Phoenix was stuck inside the realm and wasn’t able to leave hence under the pretext of fury, it ate all of the fire attributed materials which Huang Yueli had stored in the Sky Phoenix Ring.

As it’s body had accumulated excess Profound Energy, it then fainted and only slowly regained its consciousness a few days after Huang Yueli had recovered her memories and its body had grown by quite a fair bit.

Huang Yueli’s armament refining materials which she had painstakingly collected were all ruined by it so she was so angry that she bashed its butt but unfortunately, there was no way to save the materials.

In this period of time, Huang Yueli had confined it in the Sky Phoenix Ring, as punishment.

This was only Little Phoenix’s fifth day and it’s first time being allowed out to run about.

The minute Little Phoenix landed, it turned into a little shota as he stretched out his plump little hand and tugged at the hem of Huang Yueli’s skirt crying out loudly, “Female devil, I want to buy this! Quick quick quick, bid for it!”

Huang Yueli’s lips twitched, “Little thing, your manners are getting worse and worse, what did you call me earlier?”

“Aiya, Female Devil, can you stop with the rubbish? Haven’t you heard that beautiful emcee starting to count down? Quickly bid for it!” Little Wang Cai totally couldn’t care about what she was saying as he kept urging her.

Huang Yueli’s face sunk, feeling that it was time to educate this brat.

Usually it would be lazy and only knew how to eat, not to mention that it grew until so fat, now it doesn’t even have any basic respect towards its Master. The minute it came out, it started screaming and shouting to buy something!

Just a spiritual state of a phoenix, what thing did it need to buy?