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Chapter 2065: Rake in a fortune again (7)

Li Moying sensed his vision and the brilliance in his peach blossomed eyes wandered as that gentle like water gaze instantly turned harsh, shooting a warning sign towards Ye Xing Hua.

A strong exponent’s might was extremely penetrative.

Ye Xing Hua subconsciously lowered his head, not daring to meet his frigid gaze.

If it was said that before today, he still had some slight fanciful thoughts about the reincarnated Huang Yueli, then after meeting Li Moying today, he totally realised that no matter how many years had gone past, the disparity between him and Li Moying was still like the sky and the moat.

Huang Yueli also detected the change in Li Moying’s imposing manner and she quickly realised what had happened.

She turned around to look at him in amusement and laughed, “Yes, I need to conceal my identity right now and on this kind of occasion, I can only rely on Xing Hua to stand out for me. Xing Hua, long time no see, quick have a seat!”

When Li Moying heard that Huang Yueli even allowed this fellow to have a seat, the expression on his face turned even colder.

How would a through and through Armament Master like Ye Xing Hua with not very high cultivation level dare to act rashly in front of Blue Profound Sect’s Sovereign’s presence so he hurriedly waved his hands as he rejected, “No need, there are quite a number of people from the Armament Guild who are here too and I have quite a number of materials to bid for so I have to return to my own cabin pretty soon. I came here, specially to pass this to Master.”

Saying that, he stuffed a black coloured card into Huang Yueli’s hands.

Huang Yueli received the card and smiled as she asked, “How much is this?”

Ye Xing Hua pointed to a “three” sign.

Huang Yueli nodded her head satisfactorily as she continued, “Consider that President Wen smart! Thank you for today and if there’s something you need to do, just go on.”

Ye Xing Hua hesitated for a moment and raised his head before he said, “Master, actually there’s another matter that I feel that I must inform you, it’s regarding President Jiang. Only, this place isn’t a convenient venue to discuss this…”

Huang Yueli paused for moments, “I understand. After today’s auction is over, I’ll go look for you.”

Ye Xing Hua cupped his hands and left.

When Ye Xing Hua left, Luo Jiyun leaned over and kept eyeing the black card in Huang Yueli’s hands.

“Lil Sister-in-law, the card in your hands…. Looks like the limited edition black crystal card from the Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild!”

Huang Yueli replied in an indifferent manner, “What’s called looks like? This is the black crystal card!”

Luo Jiyun asked curiously, “Black crystal card? I heard that the black crystal card needs a minimum deposit of billions of high grade spirit jades before you can get one. President Ye is really meaningful, just visiting his Master and he brought along so much money to show his filial respect!”

Huang Yueli explained, “It’s not what you think, the money inside is the advantage fee which President Wen had given.”

Luo Jiyun totally didn’t expect such a matter to happen as he was instantly stunned, “Advantage fee?”

“Isn’t it so? I asked Ye Xing Hua to help speak up for Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild so that their Guild would not be discredited. President Wen is a smart man so he naturally knows that this job can’t be done without any compensation so he automatically sent the advantage fee over!”

Luo Jiyun was tongue tied, apparently not accustomed to the naked truth of the transaction.

“What? So to say, this…. President Wen offered money?” He recalled Ye Xing Hua’s actions earlier, “There is…. 300 million high grade spirit jades in this card?”

Huang Yueli rolled her eyes at him as she spoke out in a disapproving manner, “Don’t be dumb! 300 million! How would President Wen have the cheek to offer that amount! There is 3 billion!”

“3..3..3…3… BILLION!” Luo Jiyun’s eyeballs nearly dropped onto the ground.