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Published at 7th of February 2021 03:00:29 PM

Chapter 2056
Chapter 2056: Number One Armament Master’s social status (6)

When Huang Yueli said that, the entire auction house broke out into bursts of clamour .

Everyone was shocked by the way she discarded the thousands of gold!

“Is this for real! 1 . 5 billion?? 1 . 5 billion high grade spirit jades?? I must have heard wrongly? Am I dreaming? Quick pinch me… . aiyo pain pain pain!”

“Is this Bai Ruoli going on a frenzy? Did she really think that just because Young Sect Master Li dotes on her, she can casually spend as she wishes?”

“What on earth is she thinking about? Spending so much money just to buy a ninth tier lower grade Profound Weapon? She became too proud from the pampering! I think, Young Sect Master Li will definitely be angry!”

Everyone was whispering in each other’s ears as there were various discussions on this .

Even Luo Jiyun looked at Huang Yeuli in astonishment as he felt as though he found it difficult to sit or stand, “Lil… Lil Sister-in-law, you… are you sure? 1, 1, 1… 1 . 5 billion??”

Huang Yueli swept a disapproving look at him, “What’s the matter? You’re still so young but your ears aren’t working?”

“Impossible, my ears are working very well!” Luo Jiyun subconsciously denied and later realised that Huang Yueli was just teasing him!

He put on a bitter face, “Lil Sister-in-law, please stop fooling me! What medicine are you selling in the gourd of yours? 1 . 5 billion, you’re even able to come out with this kind of heavenly price . If Palace Lord Chi doesn’t follow, wouldn’t you lose out big time?”

Huang Yueli’s lips curled as she said, “Loss? Don’t worry, I’ll definitely not lose out! On the contrary, no wonder your advancement speed in cultivation is so slow, this comprehension… . You really need to lift the bar!”

“What??” Luo Jiyun was even more puzzled .

Cang Po Jun shook his head as he was silently amused, feeling a little pity for this Junior Brother of Sovereign’s .

This was an indeed truthful child, but he had to follow this pair of black bellied couple like Sovereign and Grandmaster Huang around, totally unable to follow their pace so wouldn’t he become the target of teases by Grandmaster Huang?

Cang Po Jun coughed slightly as he said, “Young Master Luo, Grandmaster Huang knows what she’s going! Palace Lord Chi doesn’t know that this Ardent Cloud Sword has been re-refined . If it was still the original Ardent Cloud Sword, when combined with the Profound Armour set, it will be able to display the prowess of a ninth tier upper grade Profound Armament! Hence, not to mention these few billions, it would be worth it even if it was 2 or 3 billion!”

Luo Jiyun then revealed an enlightened look .

“So it’s like this… . then… . lil Sister-n-law, surely you will not really bid until 2 or 3 billion right?”

Huang Yueli did not reply because Chi Xiao Jiu’s voice resounded out of Number Seven VIP cabin .

“2 billion!”

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This time round, everyone evidently sensed that Chi Xiao Jiu was grinding his teeth as he spoke out .

The truth was so and at the present moment Chi Xiao Jiu was unable to remain composed!

Originally assuming that his meeting with the Ardent Cloud Sword in this auction was the beginning of his great luck and he would be able to gain it for a price below 1 billion, thereby obtaining this piece of Godly weapon so he was incomparably excited!

Whoever knew that just as he was about to get it, someone came out to stop his win .

Blue Profound Sect’s young lass, actually dared to bang tables with him?

Moreover, even ridiculed him for being petty?

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She had simply swallowed a bear’s heart and leopard’s guts!

Chi Xiao Jiu’s fury rose up but he had no way but to not follow Huang Yueli’s bid .

Furthermore, because of Huang Yueli’s word ‘petty’ which had ran him on a bank, it gave him no choice but to bid at a higher figure .

But, two billion for this sword, was still considered worthwhile .