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Chapter 2057
Chapter 2057: Number One Armament Master’s social status (7)

Chi Xiao Jiu could only comfort himself in this way .

This bid, he felt that his chances of success were gripped firmly in his hands .

After all, from what he saw, Huang Yueli was merely an ordinary direct disciple among the younger generation in Blue Profound Sect and even if she had a fiancé with such background like Li Moying, but spending a man’s money was different from spending her own .

Two billion, to Li Moying was definitely a huge expense and using it to purchase a Profound Weapon was evidently not something that ordinary men would allow their woman to do? Li Moying’s temperament was cold and he definitely didn’t seem like the kind of man who would allow women to have no bottomline .

Thinking in this way, Chi Xiao Jiu couldn’t help but sneered as he taunted them .

“The guests in the opposite cabin, don’t you feel that This Seat is petty? Despising the fact that the pricing is too slow? If you really have a stunning fortune, why don’t you continue to follow and bid?”

Huang Yueli laughed softly when she heard that .

“Since Palace Lord Chi has already initiated the invite, then how can I not follow your instructions? 3 billion!”

“My gawd, heavens, 3 billion! 3 billion! This is simply… . simply… . too scary!”

“This Bai Ruoli must have gone insane! Otherwise she must be a retard! She actually gave such a high bid!”

“What on earth is she doing? 3 billion! Heavens, just listening to this figure and I already feel like fainting…”

“Simply a foolish person with too much money! This time round… Bai Ruoli will really become famous!”

In an instance, numerous shocking sound waves fluctuated within the auction house .

Everyone felt that they had developed hallucinations, totally not daring to believe that such a fascinating matter had happened!

A sixteen year old young lass, actually opening such a heavenly price at the start of the annual auction!

The beautiful emcee on the auction stage was so excited that she was shaking all over, “This… Number Six VIP cabin’s distinguished guests, may I confirm this? That you are bidding for 3 billion high grade spirit jades, to bid for the Ardent Cloud Sword?”

“Of course I’m sure . ”

Huang Yueli’s voice isn’t very loud but it was enough to be heard in the entire auction house .

She was so definite that Chi Xiao Jiu was totally unsettled .

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From what he say, he totally didn’t believed that anyone would bang tables with him in such a manner, it wasn’t as though Mu Chengying was around personally!

Merely a direct disciple from Blue Profound Sect, and she dared to be so arrogant?

Moreover, if he really bid for three billion and above, then it would be equivalent to not gaining any advantages at all, because that was already the equivalent price of an entire set of ninth tier lower grade Profound Weapon set!

Thinking of this, he vented his anger as he barked out sharply, “Young Sect Master Li, your fiancée is squandering in such a manner yet you actually don’t even control her at all? Are Blue Profound Sect’s men all so useless?”

Chi Xiao Jiu’s target, directly shot towards Li Moying .

He had already expected Li Moying to be unable to tolerate Huang Yueli bidding recklessly and after his agitation, he would absolutely teach his own woman a good lesson .

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However, Li Moying’s deep voice slowly rang, “No need Palace Lord Chi to worry . My woman, whatever she wants to buy, I am able to afford it! Kicking up a fuss over something which our own woman wants to buy, that’s really called a useless man!”

Chi Xiao Jiu’s eyes opened wide as he momentarily couldn’t react at all .

He had not expected Li Moying’s reply to be so!

Whereas in the auction hall, silent similarly appeared .

But not too long later, a bout of young ladies’ envious and jealous discussions broke out .

“Ah ah ah ah~, Young Sect Master Li is really too suave! He actually said his own woman can buy anything that she wants!”