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Chapter 2049: 2049
Chapter 2049: Soaring Heavens Continent’s grand event (5)

Li Moying followed her line of sight and took a look outside and that was when he immediately understood what had happened .

He walked over and held Huang Yueli entirely into his arms .

“Li’er, don’t look! We’re not here because of them today so your mood should not be affected because of them! I will definitely get back your deserved justice for you!”

Huang Yueli struggled in his arms and wanted to turn back to take a look more but she was held tightly in Li Moying’s arms, which even locked her head to stop her from turning back .

Huang Yueli was so angry that she was shivering, “Let me go! Let go of me!”

Seeing that Li Moying refused to let go, she couldn’t stop the anger in her heart from spiralling upwards as she took a bite on his shoulder!

Li Moying felt the pain but the energy in his arms didn’t loosen at all, allowing her to wilfully vent her anger on him .

Everyone in the cabin had a huge fright over this incident .

Luo Jiyun instantly cried out, “Lil Sister-in-law, what are you… . What’s wrong with you?”

Cang Po Jun’s brows creased as he spoke out quietly, “Hush, Young Master Luo…” He lifted his chin and pointed towards the outside of the window .

Luo Jiyun looked out only to discover that outside the window, another group of people was being led in by the Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild’s President, as they walked towards the VIP cabin opposite to theirs .

“This is… . Celestial Heavens Gate’s Eldest Young Miss Ling Qing Yu, and also… Mythical Flame Palace’s current Palace Lord Chi Xiao Jiu… Eh? Something’s not eight, isn’t Mythical Flame Palace Lil Sister-in-law’s past Sect? Why…”

Luo Jiyun shivered as though he suddenly understood something and instantly shut his mouth .

His mind suddenly appeared a rumour which he had heard from a long time ago .

It was rumoured that the year when Mythical Flame Palace’s Young Palace Lord Huang Yueli met with her demise in the Northern Ice Fields, she had been surrounded and attacked by the other Sacred Lands’ top exponents .

Back then, those who had attacked her were all killed by Mu Chengying who arrived later .

But this incident still had many suspicious points and in the following years after that, it had been the greatest gossip among the entire Soaring Heavens Continent’s practitioners .

Huang Yueli as the Number One Armament Master, was carrying a rare treasure so it was of no surprise that many others were coveting it . But she had always been careful and prudent, never easily allowing herself to fall into a detrimental situation .

This time round, how was it possible for her to be attacked by so many people at the same time, and yet she herself didn’t realise it at all?

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Many people guessed that Huang Yueli had been betrayed by someone .

As for the person who betrayed her, there were many guesses but as Mythical Flame Palace’s Old Palace Lord had already passed on, the person who was closest to her was her best female friend Ling Qing Yu, Senior Brother Chi Xiao Jiu and also Blue Profound Sect’s Sovereign Mu .

But Mu Chengying had suffered a great blow because of Huang Yueli’s death and had not taken a single step out of Levitation Sword Palace for many years, so that always defrayed many people’s suspicions .

As for the other two people, there was no hard evidence regarding this and now that so many years had already passed, everyone all started to forget about it .

Luo Jiyun just happened to hear someone talking about this and right now when he recalled about it, he instantly broke out in cold sweat!

From the huge reaction which Huang Yueli had from seeing Ling Xiao Yu… . .

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Could it be that the rumour was true?

It was until Ling Qing Yu and Chi Xiao Jiu’s figures had totally disappeared in the other cabin when Li Moying finally loosened his grip .

Huang Yueli jumped out from his arms, bearing a pale face .

Li Moying held her into his arms once again while feeling the heartache as he cried out softly, “Li’er, those who had harmed you, I will not let any one of them off! Leave this matter to me, you need not be so upset which will cause me to have a heartache…”